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TUF 21 Finale results: Stephen Thompson scalps Jake Ellenberger with spinning hook-kick knockout

For the Stephen Thompson vs. Jake Ellenberger fight video highlights CLICK HERE.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Stephen Thompson and Jake Ellenberger closed The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 21 Finale tonight (Sun., July 12, 2015) in a showdown between fringe Welterweight contenders looking to climb up the 170-pound ladder.

Ellenberger, though, will probably be prohibited from climbing anything for the next 30 days after what Thompson did to him in less than five minutes inside MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Thompson came out bouncing, more than likely looking for an opening to unleash his dynamic karate-inspired strikes, as Ellenberger pushed forward unimpressed. After Thompson landed a fancy kick, Ellenberger found said opening and dropped "Wonder Boy" with his first strike as he charged in.

Don't be fooled!

It wasn't a fight-ending blow, though, as Thompson was able to weather the short storm and then eventually take Ellenberger's back after another kick and then a scramble. Thompson landed some nice shots from behind before Ellenberger was able to break free.

On the break, Thompson drilled him with a nice combination that sent Ellenberger back-pedaling toward the cage. He wasn't right, though, and Thompson knew it, drilling him with a spinning kick to the neck that literally straightened Ellenberger. Somehow Ellenberger was able to recover, grab a knee and continue.

But, not for long.

Thompson clipped him shortly thereafter with a spinning kick across the forehead, which sealed Ellenberger's eyes shut before his back even hit the canvas.

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