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Live Mendes vs McGregor fight updates, UFC 189: Round 2 -- McGregor Wins!

With one round in the books, seemingly for Mendes, McGregor baited him to keep going to start the second.

McGregor began again with the kicks and for the first time was able to avoid a takedown. McGregor began to once again land clean shots, which compelled Mendes to shoot for another takedown, which he secured in the middle of the Octagon.

Mendes laid on top of McGregor, launching monster elbows to his face as he continued to keep him trapped on his back. McGregor was able to keep him under control in closed guard, but solid shots were getting through his defense. McGregor began to unload with elbows from the bottom and Mendes looked at the referee like they were illegal as the Irishman continued to slash away.

Mendes regained his composure and began to go back to work as McGregor talked trash from the bottom. More shots from Mendes, who has not even tried to pass guard or change position. He finally went for a submission, it was tight, and McGregor was able to worm his way out.

McGregor sprung to his feet, time winding down, and hunted down Mendes who was utterly exhausted. McGregor torched him along the cage, Mendes offering up little defense, until a left sent him down to the canvas. He followed up with more with seconds on the clock as Mendes went into turtle position.

The referee, though, had seen enough and stopped the fight.

FINAL RESULT: Conor McGregor defeats Chad Mendes via technical knockout in round two

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