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Live Mendes vs McGregor fight updates, UFC 189: Round 1


The main event began in the most dramatic fashion imaginable, with Sinead O'Connor singing Conor McGregor into the Octagon amidst a blinding sea of Irish fans, while Chad Mendes followed to the acoustic tune of a good 'ole fashion American country tune sung by Aaron Lewis.

As Bruce Buffer announced both fighters, the scene -- and sound -- inside MGM Grand Garden Arena was totally berserk. McGregor took the center of the cage, arms out-stretched, looking completely possessed.

Both fighters touch gloves and the action, finally, is on ...

McGregor opened up with a spinning back kick and Mendes immediately dumped him. Mendes followed up with two big punches as McGregor looked reset and gauge distance. Mendes landed another shot and McGregor fired back with another spinning back kick.

McGregor battered Mendes along the fence with clean shots -- Mendes smiled, but is appeared he might be a bit stunned. He stung McGregor with a nice combination, but another spinning kick from the Irishman has him sucking wind.

Mendes scores a takedown midway through the first, but McGregor got back to his feet quick, although he ate a few shots on the way up. Mendes fires off more shots and McGregor is now bleeding from his left eye. Mendes, though, is not going for the finish. McGregor starches him with a straight left as Mendes takes another deep breath.

Mendes was able to get another takedown as McGregor scrambled to get back to his feet but Mendes wasn't letting him up that easy this time. McGregor, bloodied, did good work from bottom as Mendes angles for submissions. McGregor defended, but the ground-and-pound took a toll.

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