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UFC 189 results recap: Chad Mendes vs Conor McGregor fight review and analysis

Last night (Sat., July 11, 2015), Chad Mendes and Conor McGregor finally stepped into the Octagon at UFC 189 inside MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. In an excellent scrap, McGregor came out on top. Find out how below!

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Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) featherweights Chad Mendes and Conor McGregor went after the interim strap at UFC 189 inside MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In his 2014 title fight with Jose Aldo, both Mendes and his opponent put on incredible performances in one of the greatest fights of all time. Thanks to the strength of that performance -- and a brutal knockout win over Ricardo Lamas -- Mendes had his name drawn as the short-notice replacement for this bout.

Meanwhile, McGregor knocked around his opponents in brutal fashion and talked like no one else. That resulted in a title opportunity, although it ultimately ended up being against Mendes rather than Aldo.

Regardless, McGregor made the most of it.

The Irishman started the fight quickly, rushing his opponent and landing a hard spinning back kick. Mendes returned fire with a quick takedown and punches as McGregor scrambled back up.

Back on their feet, McGregor walked his opponent into the fence and began landing with his straight left and kicks, while Mendes occasionally burst forward with nasty punches of his own.

With just over a minute remaining, Mendes scored another takedown and kept top position. From there, he delivered some elbows, passed guard, and hunted for a guillotine.

He failed to secure the submission, but that late burst likely earned him the round.

Mendes wasted little time landing another takedown to start the second. Once again, he worked some heavy elbows and punches from full guard, controlling the Irishman while doing a pretty decent amount of damage. For most of the round, Mendes worked from this position.

Then, Mendes passed into half guard with about 30 seconds remaining. He attempted to sit onto a guillotine choke, and McGregor scrambled back up to his feet. Despite the short time remaining, McGregor really opened up with an endless series of punches and kicks.

With his back to the fence, Mendes absorbed some heavy shots. He attempted to score another double leg, but the Irishman stuffed it. Then, like he's done to many previous fighters, a straight left hand uncorked into Mendes' jaw and ended the fight.

This fight answered quite a few questions about McGregor. Namely, his wrestling is not bad at all. It may not be at the level to consistently stop a wrestler like Mendes' takedown, but he can force his opponent to work and stuff any poorly set up shots.

Additionally, McGregor's offensive submission game remains to be seen, but he looked good defensively.

The star of the show is absolutely McGregor's incredible kickboxing attack. Whenever he was on the feet, he was attacking and doing damage. He really built up to the finish, frequently digging into his opponent's body.

Hopefully, we finally get to see McGregor and Aldo throw down later this year.

This is a tough loss for Mendes, particularly since he found plenty of success. Mendes landed some seriously nasty boxing combinations -- McGregor absolutely has a solid chin -- and opened up his opponent with punches. He also scored quite a few takedowns and was generally handling his opponent on the mat without issue.

Ultimately, a couple factors lost Mendes this bout. Most importantly, Mendes got tired, and it cost him. How much of that is due to his short camp is a mystery, but credit must go to McGregor for targeting the body so often and accelerating the process.

Conditioning also may have led to Mendes' aggressive guillotine attempt, which is fairly uncharacteristic of the wrestler. If he felt himself slowing down, he may have attempted to jump on the neck to secure the finish and avoid the fatigue.

On the bright side, Mendes made this bout an absolute war and was nearly up two rounds before getting rocked and finished to end the second. With a full camp and a few adjustments, the fight could easily look very different.

But of course, it must be noted that McGregor would have a full camp to deal with the wrestler, as well.

Last night, Conor McGregor secured his interim throne by knocking out Chad Mendes in the second round. Can the Irishman unify the belts?

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