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Chael Sonnen admits to 'd--k move' for making Chad Mendes' phone number public ahead of Conor McGregor fight

The former UFC two-division title challenger spoke with Bruce Buffer on the "It's Time!" podcast regarding the former's mini-feud with UFC 189 headliner Chad Mendes.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Former UFC two-division title challenger Chael Sonnen is an expert when it comes to trash talk and getting under people's skin.

However, that does not include friends.

The 38-year-old ESPN MMA commentator recently commented on a situation, on the It's Time! podcast with Bruce Buffer, in which he gave out current interim featherweight title challenger Chad Mendes' phone number on Twitter (see 'Money's' explanation of how the events unfolded on the UFC 189 'Embedded' episode here).

Here is "American Gangster's" side of the story first (transcribed by Fox Sports):

"Chad had been avoiding me for a week. I could see he had my message — it was marked 'delivered.' I could see when he read my message because it was marked 'read.' So, ultimately, I guess, guys, he hurt my feelings. He didn't get back to me in time. So I sent him another message a week later. I said: 'I can see you're getting my text.' Then I gave him a few minutes beat to see if he got back to me, which he didn't. I said: 'All right, in five seconds, a bomb is going to go off."

Mendes received so many unsolicited messages and phone calls -- both good and bad -- that he was forced to interrupt his training for UFC 189 to get his number changed. It's likely that Conor McGregor's supporters had a lot to do with blowing up his iPhone.

After taking a good, hard look at himself, Sonnen had realized the damage he had done and tried to reach out to Mendes. He initially had some difficulty, but after grabbing a hold of the two-time featherweight title challenger's ear, he was thankful for the latter's forgiveness.

"When it was done, it's really a d*ck move on my part (laughs), but at the time I was just trying to get a call back. When I woke up the next morning, I was like, 'Chael, that's a scumbag thing you just pulled on Chad ... too far," remarked Sonnen.

As you can see, Chael is still being, well, Chael.

May we see him back in the Octagon at some point, after he finishes up serving a suspension for a positive steroid test? According to the man himself, he feels "young again."

Mendes, meanwhile, will not be taking any calls later tonight (Sat., July 11, 2015) when he collides with McGregor inside MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, for the interim Featherweight title.

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