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UFC 189 'Mendes vs. McGregor' live results, fight recaps for FOX Sports 1 'Prelims'

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Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) careens into Las Vegas, Nevada once again for its annual summer blockbuster pay-per-view (PPV) TONIGHT (Sat. July 11, 2015).

UFC 189 features two title fights, the first of which pits featherweight heavy-hitters Chad Mendes and Conor McGregor against each other in an interim title matchup in the evening's main event. Prior to their heated scrap, Welterweight champion Robbie Lawler aims to make the first successful defense of his title against old rival Rory MacDonald, whom he faced nearly two years ago at UFC 167, in the co-main event.

From top to bottom, the PPV stands to showcase some of the best fighters from both the welterweight and featherweight divisions. Top-15 featherweights Dennis Bermudez and Jeremy Stephens go to war, while Gunnar Nelson and Brandon Thatch duke it out after suffering heartbreaking losses in their last Octagon appearances. will deliver complete UFC 189 results, including play-by play updates, of the entire card from bottom-to-top right here.

However, way before we meet the likes of "Rukus," "The Menace," or "Red King," a set of six scintillating "Prelims" line the start of the PPV. Below are the results for the four FOX Sports 1-televised exchanges on the undercard:

Matt Brown vs. Tim Means

"The Immortal" was tasked with dispatching the surging Means in order to stave off a third-straight loss.

Means hits Brown with a left hand, who goes high with a kick, partially connecting. "The Dirty Bird" hurts Brown with a few solid left hands. The Ohio native scores with a huge body kick. Means is partially blinded by an unintentional eye poke; action resumes quickly. The straight left is finding the mark for Means, who eats an overhand right by Brown. The 34-year-old Brown initiates the clinch and grinds the New Mexico native against the cage. Brown is looking for a trip. A one-two combination lands for Brown, who then hits Means with a stiffening head kick. Means scores with a takedown and Brown goes for a guillotine choke. Now it is Brown who secures a takedown and they're back up to the clinch quickly. Brown lands a good right elbow as they exit. Means connects on a big left elbow, who countered Brown with a right hand just moments before. Brown locks up a guillotine choke after landing two solid elbows and taps Means with a guillotine choke immediately. Brown improves his record to 20-13, picking up his UFC leading 12th welterweight finish. Means' four-fight win streak is snapped.

Cathal Pendred vs. John Howard

"The Punisher" met the struggling "Doomsday" in a fairly entertaining matchup of accomplished welterweights.

A flying knee is thrown by Pendred right out of the gate. The pair exchange leg kicks. Howards scores with a heavy left hook. The 27-year-old Irishman initiates the clinch for a moment and then they separate. Pendred eats a couple of right hands after he swarms the Boston native with an uppercut. He goes upstairs with a head kick and it lands partially. They battle for position along the fence in the clinch. Pendred begins to impose his will on the smaller Howard. The 32-year-old Howard scores with a couple of good right hands. His dirty boxing is solid. They each score with leg kicks. Howard connects with multiple right and left hands until Pendred has seen enough. They clinch and Howard lands another right hand on the break. Round one is in the books.

Pendred changes levels and scores with a knee. Howard lands a quick right hand. The two clinch after a lead right-uppercut from "The Punisher." Howards tees off with quick body blows in the clinch. He connects with a jab as well. Howard hits Pendred with more rights in tight, but eats a knee. Pendred lands several huge knees up against the cage. They take the center of the Octagon with two minutes to go in round two. Howard lands a heavy leg kick after eating one by Pendred. Howard counters the SBG Ireland product with a left and right hook. Round two ends with Howard on the offensive.

Howard starts the final frame with a nice leg kick and then a left hand. Pendred eats another leg kick by the veteran and is showing visible damage from the leg kicks by Howard. Pendred pushes Howard up against the fence, but is unable to land anything meaningful with 3:30 to go in the fight. They fight for the position again in the clinch for a good period. Pendred drops for a guillotine choke attempt, but Howard escapes. He eats a right hand from Howard on the break. Back to the feet we go. Quick right hands in the clinch by Howard. He rips one to the body of Pendred. An outside leg kicks scores for Howard, followed by a left hook. The pair end what was a pretty uneventful, but fun, welterweight tilt swinging for the fences. Howard picks up a huge 'W' over the tough Irishman in a pro-Ireland crowd. He improves to 23-11 in his career, while Pendred sees his eight-fight win streak snapped.

Alex Garcia vs. Mike Swick

"The Dominican Nightmare" aimed to pick up the biggest win of his career when he took on the former welterweight standout Swick.

Swick kicks things off with a stiff jab. Garcia shoots in for the takedown early and secures it. The Tristar Gym product begins his offense in the full guard of the American Kickboxing Academy representative. Swick eats a right hand on the break after he intelligently pushes off the Dominican-Canadian. The 27-year-old is right back on the grind again, smothering Swick against the fence. Garcia is in half guard for the moment. Swick may attempt to wall walk. He gets back to his feet and they're back in the center of the cage. "Quick" lands a solid leg kick and then a right hand over the top. Garcia narrowly misses on the looping right hand. Swick continues to pop the jab out there, striking at range. Swick scores with a knee after he slithers out of the way of the incoming Garcia. He lands a right hand on Garcia and the two paw at each other as round one ends.

Garcia finds his way into striking range with the jab and a right hook, then proceeds to put Swick on his back. Swick gets back to his feet after a minute goes by and lands a knee. He scores with a jab. Garcia plods forward with left and right hooks; nothing landing clean. Not many kicks in this fight from the 36-year-old Swick. The heavy-handed Garcia scores with a right hand, backing up Swick. A body kick lands on Garcia for Swick. Garcia dumps Swick on his back for the second time this round and lands in side control. Swick gets Garcia back to half guard to close out round two.

Swick lands a good counter left hand on the charging Garcia. He snaps the jab off and Garcia eats it. The pair exchange jabs for a good minute. Garcia hits Swick with a good right hand. Swick keeps scoring with the jab, but is taken down for the fifth time by Garcia with just over two minutes to go in the final frame. Garcia nabs full mount on the Thailand-based Swick. He gets back to half guard with under 60 seconds in the fight. Swick remains there, eating short punches as the fight slowly comes to an end. Garcia tallies the unanimous-decision win and sees his record rise to 13-2. Swick's record drops to 15-6.

Cody Garbrandt vs. Enrique Briones

The undefeated Team Alpha Male prospect "No Love" put forth a pin-point striking attack when he took on the hard-hitting Mexican Briones.

Briones is quick to take the center of the Octagon. Garbrandt lands a right hand, then goes high with a kick. "Henry Bure" pumps the jab and scores. Briones with a nice counter left hand after a Garbrandt flurry. A stiff left jab found the mark again for the 34-year-old Mexican. Briones attempts a spinning back fist. Garbrandt connects with an inside leg kick and a right hand. The 24-year-old scores with another right hand, but eats a left from Briones. Garbrandt connects with a nice one-two combination. He plants Briones on his back and begins smashing elbows and hammer fists into the face of Briones to end round one.

Garbrandt partially lands a right high kick. Briones lands a counter left hook after a right-left hand combo by the Ohio native. Briones with a solid body kick. Garbrandt scores with an overhand right, but also gets clipped partially by the left hand of Briones. He scores with an uppercut, then a left hook-right hand combo, dropping Briones. He pounces on him, landing a nice knee. Briones is back in the center of the cage. A wild right hand and a knee find the mark for Briones. He scores with a good body kick. Garbrandt hits the jab, who then lands a scary left, only after eating one from Briones. The Mexican partially lands a right hook as round two concludes.

Briones ducks a missile of a right hook from Garbrandt. A left hook-right hand combo scores for the California-based Garbrandt. Briones connects with a jab and plods forward. Garbrandt hits the flying knee and then a right hand. The jab sneaks through for the Team Alpha Male prospect. Briones finds the mark with a body punch. Garbrandt scores with a left hand, but eats a couple by Briones. He's out for blood and cracks Garbrandt with a left. The latter changes levels nicely and finds the takedown. Both bantamweights are back to their feet, swinging the leather and connect with right hooks. They end the bout with a furious exchange. Garbrandt is awarded the unanimous-decision victory and improves to 7-0 in his career. Briones falls to 1-1 in the UFC.

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