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UFC 189 'Mendes vs. McGregor' live results, fight recaps for Fight Pass 'Prelims'

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Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) storms into the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada tonight (Sat. July 11, 2015) for what is expected to be a thoroughly enjoyable UFC 189 fight card, headlined by an interim Featherweight title bout between two-time title challenger Chad Mendes and No. 1 contender Conor McGregor.

The pair have jawed for the past few weeks after it was announced "Money" would replace injured champion Jose Aldo in the main event, setting up a record $7.1 million gate, which the "Junior" will sadly miss out on.

In the co-main event, we have another tantalizing title extravaganza featuring 170-pound titleholder Robbie Lawler and old rival Rory MacDonald. The duo previously faced off at UFC 167 in Nov. 2013, with "Ruthless" picking up the split-decision victory over "The Canadian Psycho."

Prior to the interim featherweight and welterweight title fights scheduled atop the UFC 189 pay-per-view (PPV) card tonight (Sat. July 11, 2015), six "Prelims" undercard bouts get things started inside MGM Grand Garden Arena, starting with two exciting match ups on Fight Pass.

The first pair will stream online via the promotion's online digital service, Fight Pass, beginning at 7 p.m. ET, before the action transitions to television on FOX Sports 1 at 8 p.m. ET. will deliver complete UFC 189 results, including play-by play updates, of the entire card from bottom-to-top right here. We will first get things going with the Fight Pass "Prelims," recaps for which can be found below:

Neil Seery vs. Louis Smolka

The 35-year-old Irishman Seery looked to continue his surge up the flyweight ladder with a victory over "Da Last Samurai."

Smolka throws a couple of front kicks to start the fight. Seery lands a nice overhand right and some fine clinch work. Accidental headbutt causes a momentary break. "2-Tap" rocks the Hawaiian and a frenzy ensues. Seery lands a few hammerfists, tries to lockup a rear-naked choke and then a guillotine. The Irishman is bleeding from the accidental headbutt and is now on his back with Smolka on top. He passes into half guard. The 23-year-old has a deep guillotine choke from half guard, but Seery toughs it out. Smolka steps over into side control briefly, but Seery gets it back to half guard. Smolka is continuing his search for a choke. If he can sneak his right leg out, Smolka would then be in mount , which he achieves with 30 seconds left in the round. We end the first round with Smolka on the back of Seery.

The stout Hawaiian looks to keep the distance with his kicks, but Seery latches onto Smolka when they connect in the clinch. Smolka tries to throw Seery, but the Irishman is proving tough to move. The pair head right back to the ground on a Smolka takedown. He starts work in half guard. Seery is active from the bottom, though, with elbows. The Dublin native attacks with an armbar momentarily. Smolka escapes and gets the back. Seery hoping to turn into Smolka's body. The pair are close to the cage now. Seery battling off the rear-naked choke attempt. He's hitting Smolka with shots, while he defends. Smolka turns over and makes a pass into side control as round two concludes.

Seery goes for the overhand right and connects with a left hand to follow it. Smolka scores with a takedown. Seery attempts an omoplata, but Smolka steps over. They get back to the feet. Seery lands a knee as Smolka trudges in for another takedown. Seery with a good sprawl. He locks up the guillotine choke with three minutes to go in the fight. Smoka survives and is in side control. He is in good position for an arm-triangle choke. Smolka on Seery's back now. Smolka slams him with 90 seconds to go. Seery attempts his second guillotine choke of the round. Smolka slams Seery for the second time. He is going for the arm-triangle with 15 seconds left in the fight, but the Irishman holds on. Smolka picks up the unanimous-decision win, leading to his second-straight victory. Seery sees his two-fight win streak snapped.

Yosdenis Cedeno vs. Cody Pfister

The devastating Cuban striker Cedeno aimed to get back on the winning track against Pfister, who is winless in the UFC.

Cedendo comes out quick early attacking with kicks. The 30-year-old Cuban continues his assault. Cedeno switches stances momentarily between southpaw and orthodox. Pfister is having trouble finding his striking range. "The Pfister" continues to plod forward, throwing decent jabs and the occasional right cross. Pfister doubles up on the jab. The Blackzilians representative Cedeno initiates the clinch. We're over halfway through round one and it is Cedeno winning the stand-up battle. Pfister connects with the jab and a right cross, but Cedeno counters with a hard leg kick. "The Pink Panther" attacks the body with a punch and escapes the right hand, circling away from Pfister. A left hand finds the mark for Pfister, who is showing damage from the leg kicks of Cedeno.

Pfister is stalking Cedeno to begin round two. A leg kick to the inside of Pfister's left leg and body punch score for Cedeno. Pfister hits the takedown a minute into the round and passes into half guard, before gaining back mount. He's trying to get the hooks in. Cedeno musters up the strength to reverse Pfister on the ground and attacks from full guard. The 24-year-old is trying to control the posture of the Cuban off of his back. He's doing a good job so far. The referee stands them up with a little over two minutes to spare in round two. They trade briefly before the American hits his second takedown of the fight. Pfister is landing minimal damage and can't pass Cedeno's guard. He gets the back of Cedeno with under 30 seconds to go and then switches to full mount. Pfister lands a good knee as Cedeno tries to get back to his feet as round two concludes.

Pfister pumps the jab and immediately attempts a single-leg takedown. Cedeno drops to the floor and is pinned against the fence. Pfister needs to pull him away from the cage. Pfister attempts another takedown after the pair is stood up and he hits it. He's staying on Cedeno as the latter tries to scurry away from the bottom. Pfister is peppering Cedeno with body punches and then finds the back. Cedeno escapes, after Pfister fails to secure the body triangle, and secures a guillotine choke. He lets it go with a little over 60 seconds to go in the fight and now Pfister is in control from half guard. Pfister finds the back again once more but is unable to secure the choke. Cedeno reverses position as the fight draws to a close. Pfister notches the unanimous decision victory and improves his UFC record to 1-1. Cedeno falls to 10-5 in his career.

Stay tuned for more UFC 189 coverage from MMAmania, including live updates, post-fight recaps and analysis; plus much, much more!

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