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Former middleweight champion and ex-cokehead predicts Jon Jones will go back on the blow

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, remember when Jane Doe was living with Smooth and despite her brief stint in rehab, started sniffing again?

The same thing is going to happen to former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones, who was popped for cocaine earlier this year in Las Vegas, Nevada, and spent the night in rehab.

That's according to ex-cokehead Paulo Filho, who told (via Bloody Elbow) that it's not because of "Bones'" character, but rather a genetic weakness.

"The medications didn't hinder me at all, honestly. The depression caused by me doing cocaine did. I had just defeated Chael Sonnen in San Diego and went to Mexico to celebrate. I got really drunk and started to feel sick. Some Mexican guy offered me the drug and I used it and felt like I was brand new. It lifts you up to the clouds, but once it's gone, it leaves you deeply depressed. Jon Jones has the same disease I have. We are genetically weak to ingest any substance. You do it once and then you can't live without it. Sooner or later, he will go back to it."

Note to self: If a strange Mexican guy offers me blow, say no, dammit.

Contrary to the comments from the former World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC) middleweight champion, who crashed and burned back in 2008 and hasn't been the same since, Jones insists he's not a drug addict and simply made a dumb decision while partying.

To his credit, Jones -- who was stripped and suspended of his title for yet another dumb decision back in April -- passed his follow-up drug test at UFC 182.

Must have been foul play.

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