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Two fighters fail drug tests in wake of Bellator 137, one suspended for two years

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Stop me if you've heard this one before, but Fernando Gonzalez has failed a post-fight drug test for marijuana. This time, though, he's not alone.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Bellator 137, which took place at Pechanga Resort and Casino. City, Temecula, Calif., on May 15, 2015, was problematic from the weigh-ins on forward.

Middleweight champion Brandon Halsey was heavy on the scales and ultimately had to relinquish his title (even though he went on to defeat Kendall Grove in the main event). Bantamweight Mike Richman came nowhere close to 135 pounds, stating that he "dried up" in the sauna. Three other fighters on the undercard missed the mark, too.

And the news went from bad to worse after the post Bellator 137 drug test results came out earlier today.

Fernando Gonzalez, once again, was flagged for marijuana -- he previously failed for the same reason after Bellator 127. Fortunately for him, California State Athletic Commission hands out fines without (for now) overturning the result.

Richman has hit the trifecta of bad news though. Not only did he miss weight and lose his fight against Eduardo Dantas, but now he's been popped for a (undisclosed) performance enhancing drug (PED).

Richman will receive an automatic two-year suspension and $2,500 fine as a result of his failed test and harsher penalties.

Bellator issued a response to this news:

"Andy Foster of the California State Athletic Commission has notified us of two positive tests following Bellator 137, Mike Richman for PEDs and Fernando Gonzalez for Marijuana. We've been informed that these fighters will be subject to suspensions and fines. We here at Bellator stand behind the commission 100 percent in this process and remain committed to keeping MMA clean of substance abuse."

In addition, Richman issued his own mea culpa over being flagged via Facebook.

"I apologize to all my sponsors that support me, my family that loves me, and my friends and fans that cheer for me. I deserve every bit of backlash and hate I'm going to receive from the media and the fans of this great sport. I take full responsibility in my actions and the decisions I made. I also deserve the punishment the CA state athletic commission brought down upon me."

It's a refreshing level of honesty to be sure, but it's not going to mitigate the fine or suspension for now -- only a successful appeal can change his fate.