Random MMA Thoughts

Just a bunch of random thoughts that been going through my head. You're pretty addicted to this sport if at 9:37 AM you're wondering to yourself when Kyung Ho Kang's gonna get booked a fight haha, so I have vent a lil bit here.
By the way, similar to Korean Zombie, he's been ordered for 2 years of Military service; shame cuz he had an excellent fight in Japan last year against Tanaka and looked to be on the rise.) Definitely check that fightout if you haven't seen it, tramendoues fight.

Some Under the Radar Fights: (UFC)
Tatsuya Kawajiri vs Dennis Siver: June Something

This could definitely be fight of the year, and be a difiant moment for both their careers. I can see why people aren't talking about it with both fighters being completely irrelevant and a packed UFC schedule, but I really like this fight. The first round will be a war, I think if Kawajiri can survive the first, he'll be able to take control from then on out, but it'll be pretty interesting to see. Just a fun fight.

Also on this card is Makwan Amirakhani, AKA Mr. Finland. He had probably the most impressive UFC debut of all-time with an 8 second finish via Flying knee with some follow up shots. A lot of people said when the UFC signed him that it had more to do with his colorful personality moreso than his fighting skills, but he looks like a pretty damn good fighter.

Doo Ho Choi vs Sam Sicilia: July 15
The San Diego Fight Night card is badass, I really like all those fights. I wasn't even aware of the Korean Superboy being booked, especially taking a step up and fighting a veteran like Sicilia. Choi will win by devestating KO and Sam will be cut, but good fight nonetheless.

Lauzon vs Gomi: Fuck yeah! All I have to say bout this.

Wineland vs Caraway: Eddie returns from that nasty jaw break last year. I think this will be a sick fight. Could go either way, I'd like to see Eddie with the KO and maybe retire.

Non-UFC Shit:
Bellator Cuts: For some reason this hasn't been reported around the MMA circuits, but Julio Cesar Neves (29-1) was cut by Bellator. That was a bit surprising even though he lost his last fight, he's only 21 and 2-1 in Bellator. His resume is a complete joke, but I was still pretty surprised they gave up on him so fast. Also, Rafael Silva was cut. He's a former tournament winner. Strange moves.

Also pretty confusing that they opted for Douglas Lima vs Andrey Ov instead of re-booking Paul Daley. I like the Daley-Lima fight a lot more.

WSOF card on August 1st: WSOF is a lot more stacked then people think. Honestly not even knocking Bellator, I think they have the best roster outside the UFC. Their August 1 show is better than some UFC cards, and the best non UFC card all year. I put it above that Shamrock-Kimbo card which is pretty stacked itself, so that's saying something.
It's headlined by Sheilds vs Palhares, which is a beast fight, but also has Marlon Moraes who is probably the best Bantamweight outside the UFC, a Flyweight title fight featuring the #1 Flyweight prospect in the world in Magomed Bibulatov. In addition to that, Tyrone Spong is fighting Mike Kyle (Fucking Bangfest,) and Abubakar Nurmagomedov (Khabib's brother who's only loss is by Doctor Stoppage to a fellow UFCer) makes his US debut.

That's a sick card. Weird they'd put it against a stacked UFC PPV...but whatever, that's a must DVR in my oppinion.

Prosepcts to check out:

Hakeem Dwadu: He's 5-0, fought last night. He's a really fun striker, not sure how good he is on theground but ifyou haven't watched him yet, make sure you check him out. Reminds me of the Njoukwani brothers, but possibly better.

Hector Sandoval: Fights out of Alpha Male, was UFC bound until Willie Gates stopped him. I think he's 1 fight away from a UFC deal.

Castle Williams: He's young and lost his last fight, but in his 3 fight's I've watched, I've been super impressed. Check out his spinning Kick KO in his debut and his sub victory over Drake Boen. Really exciting guy, trains out of the Pit. I think he could be something down the road.

Ivan Bunchinger: Okay, not a prospect, but a guy who belongs in the UFC. He's a 'bum' that McGregor KO'd on that perfect counter, and is currently the M1 Global Lightweight (or FW, can't remember) champ. He's 11-1 in his last 12, on a 9 fight win streak since losing to Conor. He's KOing and Subbing Ov's left and right, and beat current UFC fighter Stevie Ray.

Fight's I'd like to see Booked:
Cro Cop vs Arvloski
Rumble Johnson vs Rampage Jackson
Zach Mackovsky vs Ian McCall
Benavidez vs Ali Bagautinov
Stun Gun vs Lim (Some Korean on Korean crime)
Condit vs Matt Brown
Charles Olivera vs Max Holloway

Scheduling Theories:
UFC 191: September 5
I think they're going to double champ that PPV with the DC and Chris Weidman combo once again.
DC vs Gustafsson-Light Heavyweight Title
Weidman vs Rockhold-Middleweight title

Mighty Mouse: I think Mighty Mouse's next fight will be on free TV against Jon Dodson. I'm thinking it could main event an FS1 card sometime in August or September. It could also co-main UFC 192 in Houston which will probably be headlined by Cain Velasquez (I think they'll try to book him quick after the Werdum fight against Stipe Miocic,) but I can't see Mighty Mouse sitting out until October, or at least be happy doing it.

Cowboy vs RDA: I don't know how they'll get Cowboy to sit still for 8 months, but that's when RDA gets back from injury. This will for sure headling the Fox December card.

UFC 193: This card's in a 55,000 seat arena, so I doubt the UFC doesn't stack it in some way. I think this will be Rousey's card. Mark Hunt will surely be on the card as well, maybe against Josh Barnett. Will be interesting to see how they do this card, you don't fuck around with big arena's.

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