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GLORY 22 results: Sittichai Sitsongpeenong wins lightweight contender tournament

"Killer Kid" defeated Josh Jauncey and former champion Davit Kiria at GLORY 22 to win the lightweight 'contender' tournament.

James Law/GLORY Sports International

The muay thai sensation, Sittichai Sitsongpeenong put forth a dominant effort at GLORY 22, in Lille, France on Friday afternoon (June 5, 2015) to take home the Ramon Dekkers memorial trophy.

"Killer Kid" had a killer GLORY debut, defeating Canadian standout Josh Jauncey in the tournament final and former lightweight champion Davit Kiria in the semi-finals to win the 'contender' tournament and secure a title shot against the current champion Robin van Roosmalen later on this year.

Sitsonpeenong was just a cut above Jauncey in the tournament final and always a step ahead of the Canadian, who was ranked No.5 in the lightweight rankings. The veteran of over 130 career fights is as technically proficient as they come and his skills were on full display. "Killer Kid" was able to land a high percentage of strikes--especially round kicks to the body with his left leg--and was in full control of the fight for its duration. At one point in the first round he opened up a cut above Jauncey's eye, but it would not become a factor in the fight.

Jauncey fought valiantly throughout the contest, but couldn't really mount much offense against the 23-year-old Buriram, Thailand native and former Lumpinee Stadium champion, who earned the unanimous decision victory and a 30-27 score from all three judges.

Sitsongpeenong improved to 98-27-5 overall. Jauncey falls to 23-5-0 (4-1, GLORY).

In the semi-finals, it was former champion, Davit Kiria, who would have no answer for the No.3-ranked GLORY lightweight. Sitsongpeenong looked outstanding in the first round, landing combinations and defending against the unorthodox attacks of the Georgian fighter.

As the fight went into the second round it was more of the same until Sitsongpeenong landed a left to the body and immediately followed that up with a vicious knee to the solar plexus which dropped Kiria to his knees. The former champion would not beat the count and referee John Axewood would call it a day at the 2:09 mark of the second round. That was Kiria's second loss in a row and he falls to 23-9 (5-4, GLORY).

Check out the finish in the video below, courtesy of GLORY:

In the opposing semi-final bracket, Jauncey dominated Coulibaly Djime, knocking the Frenchman down twice in the third round (GLORY tournament rule is two knockdowns in one round, three in fight) to earn the technical knockout victory.

Jauncey tenderized Djime's legs with low kicks for the duration of the contest and his combinations were on point as well. He dropped Djime with a knee to the head for the first knockdown and followed that up later in the round with a kick across the legs that put Djime down for good.

For more on GLORY 22, check out the full results and play-by-play right here.

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