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WSOF 21 live results stream

World Series of Fighting (WSOF) 21: "Palmer vs. Horodecki" takes place TONIGHT (Fri., June 5, 2015) in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Lance Palmer defends his featherweight title and Smealinho Rama defends his heavyweight title tonight on NBC Sports!

Lucas Noonan for WSOF

World Series of Fighting (WSOF) 21: "Palmer vs. Horodecki" airs live on NBC Sports TONIGHT (Fri., June 5, 2015) at the Edmonton Expo Centre in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Tonight's top fight has featherweight Lance Palmer making his first title defense against longtime MMA veteran Chris Horodecki, with a co-main event where heavyweight Smealinho Rama makes HIS first title defense as well against Blagoi Ivanov.

WSOF has also scheduled two intriguing fights for NBC Sports to support tonight's title bouts. Two Canadian favorites are scheduled for a swing bout at welterweight: former TUF competitor "The Messenger" Michael Hill and the surging Mark "Sweet Dreams" Drummond, winner of seven out of his last eight. They're joined by undefeated featherweights gunning for a shot at the champion: Hakeem Dawodu and Chuka Willis.

All of the action-packed TV bouts air this evening on NBC Sports starting at 9 p.m. ET! will bring you LIVE results and real-time play-by-play coverage of the televised fights below.

Many readers check in before, during and after the fights to share their thoughts on all of the action. Feel free to leave a comment (or 21) about the bouts before you leave and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it's always a lot of fun!


Lance Palmer (c) vs. Chris Horodecki: Palmer via sub (RNC) at 4:28 of R1.

Smealinho Rama (c) vs. Blagoi Ivanov: Ivanov via sub (guillotine) at 1:17 of R3.

Mark Drummond vs. Michael Hill: Hill by split decision 29-28 X2, 28-29.

Hakeem Dawodu vs. Chuka Willis: Dawodu by TKO at 2:55 of R2.

Thiago Goncalves vs. Matt Baker: Goncalves via sub (verbal tap) at 5:00 of R2.

Michael Hay vs. Louie Grover: Hay via sub (armbar) at 2:17 of R1.

Dan Lariviere vs. Justin Sander: Sander via sub (arm triangle) 2:52 of R2.

Roger Alves vs. Danny Doig: Alves via sub (arm triangle) 2:49 of R1.

Garrett Nybakken vs. Nick Hrabec: Nybakken via knockout 3:36 of R1.

Tim Smith vs. Spencer Rohovie: Rohovie via sub (RNC) 3:09 of R1.

Stephen Beaumont vs. Jose Rodriguez: Beaumont via decision 30-26 X3.


Lance Palmer (c) vs. Chris Horodecki

The challenger Horodecki is in white trunks tonight, 21-5-1 (1) coming into the night. The champion Palmer is in the red trunks tonight, 9-1 overall and looking to be the first WSOF featherweight champ to successfully defend the title. Horodecki fights out of London, Ontario, Canada and Palmer fighters out of Sacramento, California, USA. Our referee in charge of this fight is Kyle Cardinal.

Round 1: Horodecki throws the first kick, Palmer lands the first right. Palmer circles and lands a leg kick. Palmer is circling to look for openings and letting Horodecki own the center. Palmer gets a takedown at 1:58 and moves up to half guard at 2:12, pushing Horodecki's head down so he can spin to the back and get the hooks in. Palmer has a choke on at 2:45 but lets it go to find a better attempt. Horodecki escapes a second attempt and is momentarily on top but Palmer gets up at 3:17. Palmer gets another takedown at 3:50. Full mount from the back and he's jacking away on Horodecki with right hands to open up the chin. Horodecki taps at 4:28.

Final result: Lance Palmer retains the title via rear naked choke submission at 4:28 of the first round.


Smealinho Rama (c) vs. Blagoi Ivanov

The challenger Ivanovis in white trunks tonight, hailing from Sofia, Bulgaria, 11-1 (1) in his career. The champion Rama is in the black trunks, hailing from Calgary, 9-1 overall. Our referee in charge is Vern Gorman.

Round 1: Rama immediately takes the center and Ivanov is happy to shuffle to his left on the outside and paw away with a jab trying to figure out the range. Rama nails him with a leg kick at 40 seconds and starts to close the distance. Ivanov finally comes forward to throw a few shots. Rama seems unfazed. Ivanov immediately goes bac to circling then trips Rama to the ground when he goes for a leg kick. Rama tries to turn it into a shoulder lock. He stands up and Ivanov goes for a guillotine but Rama pops out at 2:19. Ivanov finally changes directions to circle to his right and they both start winging heavy hands. Ivanov thinks better of it and returns to circling left. He changes directions again with 90 seconds left and Rama starts head hunting, so he switches and throws a leg kick. Ivanov is clearly more comfortable going left than right. Rama is popping him with the right hand. Big combo by Rama with 10 seconds left. 10-9 Rama.

Round 2: Rama and Ivanov are both swinging hard in the first 20 seconds of R2. Rama has Ivanov backing up. Physically Ivanov looks like he'd be the stronger man but Rama's accuracy when he lands makes a difference, and Rama has (so far) been able to eat any shot Ivanov can land. Ivanov knocks him off his feet with a leg kick at 1:54 but Rama recovers fast. Outstanding 1-2 combo by Rama at 2:19. Another at 3:01. Rama has blood streaming down his face under his left eye as the right hand is doing damage. Ivanov is winging some haymakers in the last minute and they're landing. Rama ties up to avoid damage. 10-9 Ivanov.

Round 3: Both fighters are willing to just stand and trade now. Rama gets dropped and Ivanov jumps on him at 1:05, then goes for the neck when Rama tries to get back up. Rama taps to the guillotine at 1:19.

Final result: Blagoi Ivanov is your NEW WSOF heavyweight champion via submission at 1:17 of the third round.


Mark Drummond vs. Michael Hill

Our welterweight swing bout of the evening begins after Palmer's successful first round title defense. Hill enters first in the black trunks at 7-3 overall. Drummond is in the purple trunks tonight, 7-2 overall. Hill fights out of Vancouver and Drummond fights out of St. Albert. Our referee is Vern Gorman.

Round 1: Drummond and Hill are both letting their hands and kicks go early. Drummond's kicks make a loud SMACK each time they connect. Hill is keeping his hands down low, possibly to check the body kicks. Drummond rushes in and Hill momentarily has a guillotine but it was never tight. Drummond is outmuscling Hill on the fence until Hill uses Drummond's own momentum to wind up on top in full guard. Drummond's got a tight clinch to the body. Hill finally escapes and stands at 4:15 looking for the guillotine. Drummond purposefully falls down to escape it. He goes for it again when Drummond stands at 4:48. He drops down to get out again. Good competitive first round.

Round 2: Hill wings in a hard right hand that lands 16 seconds into the period. Drummond settles down and tries to stick out his left hand to measure the distance, then snaps off a high head kick and a low leg kick. Hill responds with a leg kick of his own. Drummond ducks a headache making elbow. He continues to attack with kicks as Hill constantly shifts his stance and twists his feet trying to confuse Drummond as to where he's coming from. Drummond's corner screams "HE'S SLOWING DOWN MARK" but I don't see it. Hill has blood trickling from his nose with two minutes left. Drummond shoots and ends up in a guillotine again but breaks free. Hill gets a takedown at 4:18 and lands a couple of knees and a spinning elbow before Drummond gets away. Hill gets one more takedown as the round winds down. THis is anybody's fight going into the third.

Round 3: Hill wants a single leg badly to open the third but Drummond gets away at 1:10. Push kick by Drummond. Hill's best strike each time he gets into range is the overhand right. He tries a superman punch and a spin kick for good measure. Hill may want to charge his haircut - he keeps having to back up and brush it out of his eyes so he can see. Drummond pushes him to the fence and throws some short knees. Hill always seems to be flailing away with his arms whenever Drummond has the pressure position. Drummond gets through with a left knee with a minute to go. Gorman resets them with 42 seconds left. Solid left by Drummond. More kicks. Hill charges forward landing shots. This fight can go either way on the cards and it won't be a robbery.

Final result: The judges score this contest 29-28 Hill, 29-28 Drummond, 29-28 for Hill by split decision.


Hakeem Dawodu vs. Chuka Willis

Round 1: Kicking off the TV portion of tonight's NBC sports card are two featherweights with unblemished 4-0 records. Willis is in black trunks and fights out of Kansas City, Missouri. Dawodu's trunks half gold trim and he's fighting out of Calgary. Our referee is Kyle Cardinal. Willis bull rushes Dawodu right away, gets a takedown 11 seconds into the fight, and is on Dawodu's back immediately. Willis is fishing for a rear naked choke with both hooks in. Dawodu gets back up at 1:12 but Willis stays sticky and throws him down. Dawodu gets up again. Dawodu finally breaks free at 1:51. Willis clobbers him with an overhand right. Willis goes for a single leg but this time Dawodu blocks effectively with a wide stance on the fence and Willis lets it go. Willis circles on the outside as Dawodu is headhunting. They trade hands and knees. Dawodu with some nice knees to the body at 45 seconds left. He's got a clinch and is landing some elbows too. Willis pushes him away at 12 seconds left but he rushes right back in. They each won almost exactly half the round.

Round 2: Wild scramble by both fighters in the first minute of R2. Willis lands an overhand right as he breaks a clinch. Dawodu ties him up for more knees to the body and the legs. He also smacks him with an elbow in the face before Willis pushes him off. Willis is starting to look gassed. Dawodu lands a big knee and some lefts to the head as Willis goes for a single leg defensively. Willis is shaken up by another knee. He's just about done. Cardinal is warning him to fight back and he waves the fight off at 2:55.

Final result: Hakeem Dawodu wins by TKO at 2:55 of the second round.


Thiago Goncalves vs. Matt Baker

Round 1: This is a 190 pound catchweight bout. Matt Baker is in the black trunks tonight. Goncalves is in the white trunks. Baker is 12-7 out of Kamloops, British Columbia. Goncalves is 17-4-1 out of Natal, Brazil. Our referee in charge is Kyle Cardinal. Baker is the aggressor early throwing hands, but Goncalves fires back with a hard leg kick. Baker keeps closing the distance trying to pin Goncalves against the cage. Goncalves catches a kick from Baker, pushes him to the ground, then throws another leg kick. Baker tries a clinch knee, Goncalves tries a jump knee. Goncalves continues to work the low kicks. Goncalves with a body kick, Baker with a leg kick, Goncalves pushes Baker into the fence but he breaks off at 3:04. Goncalves gets a double at 4:28 but lets Baker back up. Close first round.

Round 2: Baker rushes in looking for a takedown to open R2 but lets Goncalves right back up. Goncalves goes for one of his own and he's throwing hard right hands as he pins Baker on the fence. At 31 seconds in the stream freezes for the first time all night. It comes back with 2 minutes gone and freezes again. Apparently Goncalves took an inadvertent headbutt before the halfway point because Cardinal signals for the restart at 2:30 when the stream is restored. Baker hits a right knee that goes flush to the groin and Goncalves drops like a ton of bricks going down face first. Goncalves recovers and we resume with under 90 seconds left in the round. Baker misses with a spinning backfist. Goncalves tries one of his own. Baker pins Goncalves against the fence and starts winging shots but Goncalves pushes his way free. Baker is quitting at the end of R2. The ref is waving off the fight. Baker broke his right hand.

Final result: Verbal tapout at 5:00 of R2 for the winner - Thiago Goncalves.


Justin Sander vs. Dan Lariviere

Round 1: This one is contested at lightweight. Lariviere is 4-2 in the gold yellow trunks out of Gatineau. Sander makes his pro debut in the black Hayabusa trunks fighting out of St. Albert. Our referee in charge is Kyle Cardinal. Sander puts Lariviere up against the cage quickly and picks him up high in the air for a takedown, then gets a less explosive one at 55 seconds that's much more effective. Lariviere goes for submissions off his back but Sander spins his way out of trouble. Lariviere pushes off the fence with his feet but it just opens up Sander to take side control. Lariviere gets him back to half guard at the halfway mark. Sander tries to spin to the other side and winds up in full guard. He hops to side control again at 3:28 but Lariviere moves him back to guard again. Sander stacks him up and picks him up to slam him. Lariviere keeps going for subs but Sander takes the back with 20 seconds left. Lariviere survives but takes some ground and pound when Sander gives up on the choke. 10-9 Sander.

Round 2: Lariviere gets a takedown 8 seconds into R2. Sander gets up, picks him up, and throws Lariviere into the cage fence. He's in half guard looking to pull his left leg through - and almost gets the knee on the belly at 1:46. He goes for a back mount, Lariviere escapes, but Sander puts him down again and is in half guard looking to improve at the halfway point. Sander gets the arm triangle choke when he passes at 2:52.

Final result: Mike Sander wins via arm triangle choke at 2:52 of the second round.


Michael Hay vs. Louie Grover

Round 1: This opening prelim is in the bantamweight division. Grover is in the white trunks, 1-2, and fighting out of Calgary. Hay is in the black trunks, 1-1 and fighting out of Edmonton. Our referee in charge is Kyle Cardinal. Hay gets a takedown 19 seconds into R1 and is immediately in side control. He gets the knee on the belly and passes at 44 seconds but doesn't keep the full mount - he's going for a head and arm choke instead. Cardinal is taking a close look. Hay switches to taking the back as Grover tries to escape but he gives up an arm and tries to powerbomb his way out of it. Doesn't work. He taps at 2:17.

Final result: Michael Hay wins via armbar tapout at 2:17 of the first round.


Roger Alves vs. Danny Doig

Round 1: This a catchweight bout at 160 pounds. Doig enters in the black trunks for his first fight since 2013. Alves enters in the white trunks and WCW Wolfpac music. Doig's record is 2-2 and he fights out of London, Ontario. Alves' record is 2-1 and he fights out of St. Albert, Alberta. Our referee is Vern Gorman. Alves is high energy from the start, chasing after Doig looking to land a shot. He goes for a takedown and Doig gets away at 0:53. Doig clinches up again at 1:29 and Gorman warns them to keep their fingers out of the cage. Alves finally gets his takedown at 1:59 and has side control, and he's moving up looking for the arm triangle choke. He passes to side at 2:45 and Doig taps seconds later.

Final result: Roger Alves wins via arm triangle submission at 2:49 of the first round.


Garrett Nybakken vs. Nick Hrabec

Round 1: This postliminary fight is in the lightweight division. Hrabec enters first in orange Venum trunks, having won his last fight by split decision, 3-1 overall. He's a Donald Cerrone sized lightweight at 6'2". Nybakken is in the white trunks, 1-1 in his last two fights, 7-7 overall. Both fighters hail from Edmonton. Our referee in charge is Vern Gorman. Nybakken wants a takedown and ends up with Hrabec's back standing momentarily. Gorman keeps warning them not to grab the shorts and to keep their fingers inside. Gorman gives his "last warning" as there's a takedown and more warnings from Gorman when they stand back up. Hrabec got off about four knees before they separated. Nybakken is throwing leg kicks and Hrabec is dancing around. Hrabec goes with a high kick and Nybakken spreads his arms like "Is that the best you can do?" Nybakken smiles almost as much as Sam Alvey. He rocks Hrabec with two rights, and the second makes Gorman stop the fight. He waves "bye bye" to Hrabec afterward.

Final result: Garrett Nybakken wins via knockout at 3:36 of the first round.


Tim Smith vs. Spencer Rohovie

Round 1: This is a lightweight bout. Rohovie enters first in the black trunks. Smith is in black/white trunks. Rohovie is 11-8 fighting out of Lethbridge, Alberta. Smith is 17-9, fighting out of St. Albert, Alberta. Our referee is Vern Gorman. Smith lands the first leg kick. Rohovie dives for a single leg and gets it easily. Gorman gives his one millionth warning of the night for shots to the back of the head. Rohovie is quickly passing guard but Smith recovers and pushes him back to full. Rohovie tries to soften up the ribs with left hands and drops some elbows on Smith's head. He moves up to half guard again and then to side control as he's looking for the kimura. Full mount at 2:16. Smith tries to buck him off. Another "back of the head" warning. Rohovie pours on the ground and pound and Smith covers up. He gives up his back and Rohovie gets the tap to the rear naked at 3:09.

Final result: Spencer Rohovie wins via rear naked choke submission at 3:09 of R1.


Stephen Beaumont vs. Jose Rodriguez

Round 1: This is a catchweight of 165 pounds. Rodriguez enters in the white trunks. Beaumont gets a roar of approval from the crowd as he enters in the blue trunks. Rodriguez is 7-2 and fights out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Beaumont is 7-2 and fights out of St. Albert, Alberta. Our referee in charge is Kyle Cardinal. Beaumont gets a takedown 12 seconds in and lands a vicious knee to the body when Rodriguez tries to roll. Rodriguez sweeps to the top in North-South and lands some elbows. Beaumont tries to get up and Rodriguez goes for a submission. Beaumont hammers his way free at 1:38 and is on top. He takes side control 20 seconds later. He spins looking for a sub of his own and pounds Rodriguez with a body shot when he tries to get away. Rodriguez scrambles and lands an illegal knee while Beaumont is on the his knees, so Cardinal stops the fight. A half second later it would have been legal. Cardinal deducts one point. Beaumont signals he's ready to continue at 3:06. Rodriguez tries to throw some standing knees when Beaumont goes for a takedown. Beaumont takes him down with a foot sweep at 4:14. Side control with 20 seconds left. 10-8 round for Beaumont.

Round 2: Rodriguez now has to dig his way out of a huge hole. Beaumont lands a head kick but loses his balance. Rodriguez tries to kick him and loses HIS balance. Beaumont ends up in side control at 45 seconds and nearly traps the head for a sub before going back to full guard. Half guard at 1:53 but Rodriguez sweeps his way to the top off the transition. Beaumont sweeps him back at 2:16. Rodriguez rolls and Beaumont nearly has the head but stands to throw leg kicks at 3:10 instead, then dive back in for strikes from guard. Rodriguez goes for upkicks as Beaumont passes to side. Rodriguez gets him back to half as Cardinal warns Beaumont for shots to the back to the head. Beaumont blocks a sweep. 10-9 Beaumonth. No way for Rodriguez to win now except a finish or a knockout. Beaumont lands hammer fists at the horn for the exclamation point.

Round 3: Beaumont gets another takedown in the first minute of R3 and Rodriguez is running out of opportunities. He gets up at 1:30 and they battle against the fence. Beaumont gets an emphatic single leg at 1:58. Rodriguez is trying to explode off the fence with his feet but Beaumont has solid side control and is grinding away with the right elbow. Cardinal says he wants to see more but Beaumont is trying to set up a sub so what more does he need to see? He takes the neck when Rodriguez tries to spin free then goes back to full guard with a minute left. Beaumont passes to side again at 4:18. Rodriguez tries and fails to get up with short time but is momentarily on top. Easy 30-26 for the judges.

Final result: All three judges score it 30-26 for Stephen Beaumont.


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