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GLORY 22 results: Live streaming updates from France kickboxing card tonight

GLORY Sports International

GLORY 22 takes place this afternoon (June 5, 2015) from Stade Pierre Mauroy in Lille, France, and will be headlined by a heavyweight title fight between current champion Rico Verhoeven and the No. 2-ranked contender Benny Adegbuyi.

The co-main event will be a light heavyweight clash between Zack Mwekassa and Carlos Brooks.

And, of course, the GLORY staple: a one-night, four-man tournament. This one will feature four lightweight fighters vying for a title shot against GLORY lightweight champion Robin van Roosmalen. The semifinal matchups are as follows: former champion, Davit Kiria vs. Sittichai Sitsongpeenong and Josh Jauncey vs. Crice Boussoukou.

MMAMania will deliver live fight coverage of GLORY 22's "Superfight Series" that begins online at 1:30 p.m. ET today, as well as live coverage of the televised Spike card, which begins at 4 p.m. ET. To watch both events live online click here.

Here we go!

GLORY 22 Quick Results:

Rico Verhoeven def Benny Adegbuyi via UD (49-46, 49-46, 50-45)

Zack Mwekassa def Carlos Brooks via KO RD 1 (1:58)

Lightweight final: Sitsongpeenong def Jauncey by UD (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Lightweight semi: Sittichai Sitsongpeenong def Davit Kiria via KO RD 1 (2:09)

Lightweight semi: Josh Jauncey def Coulibaly Djime via TKO (two knockdowns) RD 3

Superfight Series:

Jamal Ben Saddik def Mamoudou Keta via KO RD 2(1:59)

Mourad Bouzidi def Filip Verlinden via UD (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Yoann Kongolo def Cedric Doumbe via UD (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Serhiy Adamchuk def Marat Grigorian by UD (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Shane Oblonsky defeats Thomas Adamandopoulos by unanimous dec (29-24, 29-24, 28-25)


Rico Verhoeven vs. Benny Adegbuyi

RD1: Stefano Valenti is your referee for this heavyweight title fight. Rico takes the center of the ring and fires a low kick. Benny fires a jab. Two quick hooks by Benny. ANother jab by Benny. Low kick by Benny and another. High kick by Rico is blocked. Antoher jab by Benny. RIght hand gets through for Benny. Two more jabs and a punch to the body for Benny. Right to the body by Benny. Rico lands a body kick. Jab by Benyy. One-two by Benny. Jab by Rico. Nice combo by Benny. Rico lands a jab. Right hand lands for Benny. Body kick to the gut lands for Rico. One-two and a kick at the bell for Benny.

RD2: Kick blocked by Rico. Rico blocks the jab of Benny, but antoher one gets through. Leg kick lands for Rico. Benny misses a high kick. Rico with a jab. Low kick by Rico. Jab by Rico. Jab by Benny. Jab by Benny. Right hand misses and RIco lands a low kick. Two quick jabs by Rico. Benny lands a low kick. Rico separates with a teep. Benny misses a right hook and Rico lands a left and two inside low kicks.Another push kick by Rico. Two jabs by Rico. Benny misses badly with a right. Rico checks a kick and goes to the body with a right hand.

RD3: Teep and a low kick by Rico. Rico with several jabs and he eats a jab by Benny. Benny lands a low kick. One-two kick combo by Rico lands. Teep lands by Rico. Body kick blocked by Benny. Jab by Benny lands. Another low inside kick lands for Rico. Benny starting to slow down. Low kick lands for Benny. Rico lands a nice flurry. Rico to the body and covers up and blocks Benny's attack. Low kick lands by Rico. Rico opeing up on Benny now. Again a punch to the body.Two jabs by Rico. Benny wearing down.

RD4: two jabs blocked by Benny. ANother inside low kick by Rico. Clinch and a knee by Rico. benny misses a hook. Another well timed inside low kick. Benny fires a jab buyt eats a low kick. Jab followed by a one-two from Benny. Body kick by Rico is blocked. Benny lands a low kick. Two jabs by Rico. Jab to the body from Rico. Nother inside low kick. COmbo blocked by Benny. Rico hits a combo and a low kick. They clinch in the corner. And the bell.

RD5: Benny hits a low kick and his right hand is blocked. Uppercut missed by Benny and Rico hits a combo.Two jabs by Benny. Knee to the thigh buy Rico. Knee to the pills and fight is halted. Inside low kick lands by Rico.Jab and a teep by Rico. High kick by RIco misses. Low kick lands again by the champion. Right straight and an uppercut find there mark rom Rico. Benny looks exhausted. Benny lands a jabl;.Knee by Rico is blocked. Rico lands a one-two. With seconds left Rico waves his hand for the crowds approval.

Final Result: Rico Verhoeven def Benjamin Adeguyi via UD (49-46, 49-46, 49-46)


Zack Mwekassa vs. Carlos Brooks

RD1: Brooks comes out first with a few punches. Mewkassa backs him up with a jab. Left hook by Mewkassa. Left hook by Mwekassa. Big body-head ombo from Mwekassa. Huge left hook that sends Brooks reeling into ropes. Called a knockdown and Brooks makes the count. They restart and boom, another huge left hook startles Brooks and then another that puts Brooks flat on his back.

Final Result: Mwekassa def Brooks via KO RD 1 (1:58)


Lightweight final: Sitsongpeenong vs. Jauncey

RD1: John Axewood is your referee. Both fighters lands low kicks to start the final. Low kick lands for Sittichai. Straight right by Jauncey is blocked. Low kick checked by Sittichai. Low kick lands for Jauncey. Right and a left land for Sittichai. Low kick and a punch to the body lands for Sittichai. Jauncey comes with a left hook behind the guard. Left lands for Sitticahi. A cut has opened up above Jauncey's left eye. And a body kick lands for Sittichai. Body kick blocked by Jauncey. Ref calls time to check cut on Jauncey's eye. Low kick lands by Jauncey. Fighters fall to floor in clinch.

RD2: Body kick by Sittichai. Jauncey catches a kick but fails to sweep Sitticahi. Left hook and left kick to the leg lands for Sittichai. Low kick lands by Sittichai and another to the body. Sittichai comes forward and they clinch. ANother left kick to the body for Sittichai. Left to body followed by a knee from Sitichai. Another left kick to the body from Sittichai.Right straight by Sitticahi. Another left to the body by Sitticahi. RIght hook blocked by Jauncey. Another body kick at the bell by Sitticahi.

RD3: Knee to body by Sittichai. jauncey flings up a high kick that misses. THey clinch and the ref breaks. ANother round kick to body that is partially blocked. Right gets through the guard for Sitticahhi. Jumping knee misses for Sittichai. Clinch by the fighters. RIght straight gets through for Sittichai. Jauncey lands an inside low kick. Right and a knee by Sittichai. Jauncey feints a knee and Sittichai lands a straight and a low kick. Left round to body again by Sittichai.Left straight lands for Sittichai and a right hook at the bell partially blocked.

Final Result: Sitsongpeenong def Jauncey via UD (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)


Lightweight semi: Davit Kiria vs. Sittichai Sitsongpeenong

RD1: John Axewood is your referee. Here we go the GLORY debut of Sittichai. Teep by Siitichaito start. Outisde low kick by Sittichai. High kick is blocked by Kiria and the fighters clinch up. Punch/kick combo by Sittichai and a low kick follows. Straight left by Sittichai. Kiria comes forward by punches are blocked. Two quick right jabs get through for Sittichai. Kiria clinches. Teep by Sittichai. COmbo by Sittichai. Kiria tries a rolling thunder and that is blocked easily. Kiria clinches again. Kiria lands a low blow and bout is halted briefly. ONe-two combo followed by a kick by Sittichai and the round ends.

RD2: Kiria lands a straight right that moved Siiticahi backward. Hight kick blocked by Kirisa. Sittichai keeps coming with strikes. Straight left and followed by a knee by Sittichai. Sitticha imixes it up with strikes. Body kick k by Sittichai. Jumping knee is blocked. A knee to the body lands right on the button and drops Kiria. That's a wrap.


Final Result: Sitsongpeenong def Kiria via KO RD 2


Lightweight semi: Josh Jauncey vs. Coulibaly Djime

RD1: John Axewood is your referee once again. Djime replaced Crice Boussoukou who replaced Niclas Larsen. Djime throws a high kick to start things off. Jauncey catches a kick and then lands an outside low kick. He lands another that sends Djime down. Not ruled a knockdown. Jauncey goes to the body with a right hand. Left body kick by Jauncey and the Canadian eats a right hand. Jauncey lands a left hook. Superman punch by Djime is blocked. Jaunecy lands a punch-kick combo. Combo by Djime is blocked. Jauncey lands a gain and catches a kick and lands another straight. Djimie goes to the body with a hook. Punch and a chopping low kick by Jauncey.

RD2:One-two combo by Djime is blocked. Jauncey goes to the body and sends Djime to the canvas with a low kick. He lands another low kick. Jauncey ducks under a hook. Another low kick lands by jauncey. Jauncey has a knee caught by Djime.  Punch to body and a high kick misses by Djime. Jauncey again to the body. Body kick lands for Djime. Jauncey blocks a body kick. Djime clinches. Another low kick lands for Jauncey. And another. Knee to the body for Jauncey.Jauncey another body punch and low kick and he moves in on Djime. Jauney taking control of the fight now.

RD3:Jauncey stalking Djime but misses a right hand.Left hook and low kick lands for Jauncey. Another combo and kick land for Jauncey. Jauncey checks a kick and sends Djime back to the canvas with another low kick. Body kick by Djime lands. Another low kick by Jauncey.Side kick to body that knocks Djime down. Left uppercut and yet another low kick to his leg. Jauncey peppering Djime now. Knee to the head by jauncey that scores a knockdown. Djime beats the count with under a minute left.Low kick again. Body kick by Djime. Punch to the body by Jauncey and another leg kick lands across both of Djime's thighs and it's scored a knockdown (very questionable) That's a wrap, but Axewood initiates a count for some reason. Two knockdown rule in a tournament fight. Bell sounds and that is it.

Final Result: Jauncey def Djime by TKO (two knockdowns) RD 3



Mamoudou Keta vs. Jamal Ben Saddik

RD1: Keta a sparring partner of Verhoeven's taking the fight on less than a day's notice. Pretty gangster. Freddy Kemayon was the original opponent. Stefano Valenti is your referee. Here we go with the big boys. Keta swings wildly to start things off. JBS very patient. Low kick by Keta. Big right hand by Keta. JBS very tentative. JBS misses a big right. His next one lands and drops Keta. Big combo by JBS and the ref tries to halt it before Keta flails backward to the canvas. The ref waves it off.

Final Result: Saddik def Keta via KO RD 1 (1:59)

Filip Verlinden vs. Mourad Bouzidi

RD1: John Axewood is your referee. Here we go. Bouzidi fires first with a jab. Verlinden fires a jab and eats a low kick. Low kick by Verindend lands.Verlinden misses a high kick after landing a left hand. Another low kick by Bouzidi stumbles Verlinden. One-two by Verlinden is blocked. Another combo blockd by Bouzidi. Bouzidi chops Verlinden's leg once again.Strong combo by Bouzidi with a punch and low kick. Bouzidi comes inside and lands again. Big knee lands by Verinden and he storms forward with a barrage of punches.

RD2: Verlinden lands a low kick. Bouzidi comes low again with a kick. Verlnden lands a jab. Teep by Bouzidi. One-two by Bouzidi is blocked by Verlinden. Verlindn lands a low kick and then a teep. Nut shot by Verlinden halts action. Combo by Verlinden. High kick by Verlinden is blocked. Bouzidi switched his stance briefly. Jab by Verlinden and Bouzidi fires a combo. One-two by Verlinden is blocked. Verlinden fires a combo and lands a hook and low kick before the bell.

RD3: Verlinden lands a jab and then ate a cross by Bouzidi. Hook and a knee by Verlinden and he is turning up his aggression. Teep by Bouzidi. Low kick misses for Bouzidi. Right hand blocked by Bouzidi. Body kick lands for Verlinden and he misses with a knee. Bouzidi clinches. Back kick and Verlinden slips and falls. Low kick lands by Bouzidi. Verlinden clinches. Bouzidi aggressive but not connecting. Verlinden lands a jab. Bouzidi pushing into the corner.

Final Result: Mourad Bouzidi def Filip Verlinden via UD (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)


Thomas Adamandopoulos vs. Shane Oblonsky




Final Result: Oblonsky by unanimous decision (29-24, 29-24, 28-25)

Cedric Doumbe vs. Yoann Kongolo

RD1: John Axewood is your referee. Doumbe fires right away with a punch/lowkick como. Kongolo lands a nut shot and the ref halts the out. Kongolo slips and falls. Doumbe come forward with a knee. Doubme fires up top with a kick but it's blocked. Doumbe fires a combo that's blocked. Doumbe has a step-through knee blocked. Kongolo lands a straight right that backs up Doumbe. Low kick by Doumbe. Straight left by Doumbe. Low kick by Kongolo misses. Combo by Doumbe is blocked. Kongolo swings and misses with a right. Outside kick by Doumbe and he eats a right by Kongolo. Fighters clinch and ref breaks. And the bell.

RD2: Konolo throws a jab. Doumbe throws a high kick and its blocked. Kongolo comes with a combo. Doumbe lands a low kick. Kongolo fires a combo and Doumbe clinches. Low kick by Doumbe. Jab to the body by Kongolo. Kongolo misses with an ax kick attempt. Jumping knee by Kongolo that misses. Doumbe lands a body kick.

RD3: Both fighters take the center of the ring and fire away. Kongolo is coming forward now, but eats a body kick. Jump kick misses from Kongolo. Doumbe lands an uppercut. Doumbe misses a high kick. Right straight by Doumbe is blocked. Doumbe lands a jab. Outside low kick by Doumbe finds it's mark. And an uppercut by Doumbe. Clinch and the ref separates. Kongolo misses a spinning-back fist. 360 kick misses by Kongolo. Doumbe lands a straight to the body. Doumbe misses on a back kick. The bell sounds.

Final Result: Kongolo def Doumbe via UD (29-28,29-28,29-28)


Marat Grigorian vs. Serhiy Adamchuck

RD1: Stefano Valenti is your referee. Outside low kick by Adamchuk find its mark. Grigorian comes forward. Adamchuk lands another low kick. They clinch and the ref breaks. Counter left on the break by Grigorian. Another low left kick by Adamchuk. Grigorian fires a combo. Low kick lands for Grigorian. Body kick by Adamchuk. They clinch up and the ref breaks.

RD2: Grigorian combination blocked by the guard of Adamchuk. Another low kick by Adamchuk. Grigorian coming forward, Adamchuk circles out. Inside lowkick by Adamchuk. Grigorian goes on the attack to the body and head. They clinch and the ref breaks. Adamchuk fires a punch to the body and a low kick. A one-two by Adamchuk. Left to the body by Grigorian.Grigorian pushes forward and Adamchuk blocks his attack.

RD3: Grigorian comes forward once again and Adamchuk lands a right behind the guard of Grigorian and fires a left hand on the break. Body kick from Adamchuk. Two more body kicks by Adamchuk. Adamchuk mixing it up well. Grigorian lands a punch/kick combo. Adamchuk with a step-through knee. Right hook lands from Adamchuk. Admamchuk lands another body shot. Grigorian lands a punch to the body. Admachuk misses a rolling thunder attempt. Grigorian walking down Adamchuk they clinch and the ref breaks again.

Final Result: Adamchuk def Grigorian via UD (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)


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