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Tommy Toe Hold Show: UFC 187 POSTMORTEM!!!

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Look what your God has done to me ...

What's up fight fans?!?!

I'm Tommy Toe Hold and this is your UFC 187 post mortem! These are the mock post-fight pressers that I do after every card even though this one is just a little bit late.

So much funny happened on this card, which is the reason I have about 3,000 people in this episode compared to what I would normally do with a post mortem. Big cards deserve big parodies. This one features a cast of dozens, including NOT Daniel Cormier, NOT Anthony Johnson, NOT Chris Weidman, NOT Vitor Belfort and and NOT Ryan Bader.

No Tommy in these episodes, just the fighters and my version of MMA media.

I went all out on this one. I even added in everything of note from the most recent UFC Fight Night, which mainly comprises robot groin kicks and Carlos Condit being the most awesome thing that has ever happened.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the show fight fans!