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Yoel Romero will continue to speak English despite post-fight remark controversy at UFC Fight Night 70

After all, says Romero, he does live in the United States so it behooves him to keep practicing the language.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Despite clearing up any misunderstanding regarding alleged anti-gay remarks at the very beginning of the UFC Fight Night 70 post-fight press conference (video replay here), Yoel Romero -- who defeated Lyoto Machida via third-round knockout at last night's (Sat., June 27, 2015) event -- was asked by a reporter if he will think twice before expressing his beliefs moving forward.

A comment that was quickly answered with an astounding "no" from the Cuban born fighter, who says there was no ill intent and he knows what his heart really feels.

Furthermore, despite the fact that his attempt at delivering his post-fight speech in English without the aid of a translator caused the little controversy, Romero -- who speaks primarily Spanish -- says it will not deter him from continuing to improve his English by speaking the language in and out of the Octagon as much as possible.

"No, because I know what I have inside my heart," said Romero at the end of the presser. "I will keep trying to speak my English because I live in the United States."

Something that should be commended, as many foreign fighters and regular citizens alike in the past never quite committed to honing their English speaking skills.

It's something that may help Romero's star shine brighter in mixed martial arts (MMA), too, as he will continue to be in the spotlight thanks to his unmatched fighting skills inside the cage.

You can try to keep Latinos down, Mr. Trump, but Romero won't be one of them.

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