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UFC 189's Conor McGregor tells Jose Aldo to take some ibuprofen and 'toughen the f--k up'

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Aldo gets no sympathy from "Notorious."

BREAKING NEWS: Jose Aldo has officially been ruled out, Conor McGregor vs. Chad Mendes is the new UFC 189 main event -- CLICK HERE.

Conor McGregor, once again, questioned Jose Aldo's manhood, as the fiery Irishman told his UFC 189 opponent to "toughen the fuck up" during an interview that aired during last night's (Sat., June 27, 2015) UFC Fight Night 70 televised event.

Of course, "Notorious" is referring to Aldo's rib injury, which may potentially keep "Junior" out of his much-anticipated featherweight title fight against "Notorious" on July 11, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

As Conor sees it, all Jose needs to do take a few pain pills and toughen up a bit.

"It doesn't affect my approach at all. I have told him not to worry about his rib, it's the chin that I am hunting. I plan on cracking him in his chin and stiffen him up. I will not go out there and purposely target an area like he did to Korean Zombie. I am not that type of fighter, I will go out and crack the chin like I have been envisioning in camp. I just hope he toughens up. A little bit of Ibuprofen, a little bit of ice and a little bit of toughen the fuck up and then we get the fight going. But, we will see. Make no mistake, I will be there at 145 pounds and July 11th I will be ready to compete and it does not matter who is across from me."

As it stands, Jose is scheduled to compete at the pay-per-view (PPV) event, but in case his injury worsens in the next few days, Chad Mendes will step in to face McGregor in the main event fight.

And judging by the increasing pain the Brazilian is experiencing, there's a good chance "Money" gets the chance to get his hands on McGregor, first.

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