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UFC Fight Night 70 results: Yoel Romero turns Lyoto Machida inside-out with murderous elbows

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

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With Father Time not on their sides, top-ranked Middleweight contenders Lyoto Machida and Yoel Romero came into UFC Fight Night 70's main event tonight (Sat., June 27, 2015) to make statements that there is still more important work to be done inside the Octagon.

Surprisingly, it is "The Dragon" who may no longer have what it take to compete against the best the sport has to offer after "Soldier of God" turned him inside-out.

Machida came out with a pair of high kicks, but neither of them found meaningful homes. Romero, who looked a bit flat-footed, began to chase a circling Machida after about 90 seconds of relative inactivity.

Midway through round one and there was very little in terms of action -- both fighters were super cautious. Romero waded in with a body kick and a nice cross, forcing Machida off balance and into an uncharacteristic taunt along the fence. Romero began to loosen up and find his stride as the round came to a close, perhaps conserving his energy early to ensure he had enough in the tank for the next four.

Romero came out for round two with a bit more pep in his step and within 30 seconds both fighters exchanged identical, hard crosses from their lead hands. Machida began to find a home for his left hand as Romero barreled in to engage the shifty Brazilian.

When Romero finally did get his hands on Machida, he landed a few short shots in a Muay Thai clinch that appeared to have the former Light Heavyweight champion completely puzzled. The Cuban followed it up with a nice combination moments later, and a left hand, which put Machida on the run.

Machida got back on track with a solid two-kick combination, but Romero responded with an aggressive attack along the cage, landing a few nice shots in a furious buzzer-beating exchange.

Romero kicked off round three with an uppercut that clearly stunned Machida. Romero, however, didn't press the action as the pair began to circle again. Romero faked a takedown, and the he just exploded on the second effort, crashing Machida to the canvas with a trip and going berserk with devastating short elbows.

Machida was out cold in seconds -- there were about four elbows that got through once he started his assault and Machida was done after the second.

Simply savage, patient performance from Romero, who waited for a rare opening and then went straight up bananas on Machida's face.


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