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Bellator 138 'Uncut:' Kimbo Slice almost loses his pinky toe beating up Ken Shamrock

Bellator MMA release an "Uncut" behind-the-scenes video for fans after every big show, and they don't get much bigger than "Kimbo vs. Shamrock" on June 19, 2015.

Photo by Esther Lin for

You can call Bellator's "Kimbo vs. Shamrock" card whatever you want -- a spectacle, a freak show, a box office ratings bonanza or a fight seven years in the making -- you can even call it a work if you like.

You can't call it boring, though!

Bellator MMA does a highlight-reel, behind-the-scenes video package for every major event it stages, a series called "Bellator MMA Uncut." It focuses on the fighters on the Spike TV main card, as well as takes a look at behind-the-scenes footage before and after the battle takes place.

With all five fights on the main card being finished decisively -- and none lasting past the second round -- there's no shortage of good material for this latest edition. As with the card itself, though, fans will undoubtedly focus on "Kimbo vs. Shamrock" and the tantalizing extras of both Kimbo Slice and Ken Shamrock seen below.

(Almost) severed toe!

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