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Bellator 139 results: Live streaming play-by-play updates for 'Kongo vs Volkov' online

Bellator 139: "Kongo vs. Volkov" takes place TONIGHT (Fri., June 26, 2015) from Kansas Star Casino in Mulvane, Kan., featuring a much anticipated Heavyweight showdown between top contender Cheick Kongo and former Bellator champion Alexander Volkov.

In addition, Bellator MMA has loaded up the Spike TV main card with fights that will shape the future of three weight classes.

Lightweight David Rickels is on a quest to regain top contender status, but long-time fighter John Alessio stands in his way. Former Featherweight champion Pat Curran looks to get back on track, but winner of six straight, Emmanuel Sanchez, will be out to keep him off the rails. Last, and certainly not least, Middleweight Joe Schilling will face Bellator newcomer Hisaki Kato in the Spike TV show-opener.

All of this plus, as well as a big "Prelims" showdown between Featherweights Bubba Jenkins and Joe "The Nose" Wilk and more!

Bellator 139 will start tonight on Spike TV at 9 p.m. ET. will be here all night long to deliver LIVE results and play-by-play for the televised fights, along with the under card "Prelims" action on that begins at 6:00 p.m. ET.

Many readers check in before, during and after the fights to share their thoughts on all of the action. Feel free to leave a comment (or 139) about the bouts before you leave and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it's always a lot of fun!


Main Card (Spike TV):

Cheick Kongo vs. Alexander Volkov: Kongo via UD 30-27 X3.
David Rickels vs. John Alessio: NC at 2:24 of R1.
Pat Curran vs. Emmanuel Sanchez: Curran via UD 30-27 X3.
Joe Schilling vs. Hisaki Kato: Kato via KO 0:34 R2.

'Prelims' Undercard (

Bubba Jenkins vs. Joe Wilk: Jenkins via TKO 1:00 R2.
Aaron Ely vs. Jeimeson Saudino: Ely via sub (guillotine) 1:05 R2.
Bobby Cooper vs. Pablo Villaseca: Cooper via SD 29-28 X2, 28-29.
Augusto Sakai vs. Daniel Gallemore: Sakai via TKO (doctor) 5:00 R2.
Iony Razafiarison vs. Bryanna Fissori: Fissori via UD 29-28 X3.
Alex Huddleston vs. Javy Ayala: Huddleston via sub (RNC) 1:12 R1.
Greg Scott vs. Gaston Reyno: Reyno via sub (guillotine) 1:17 R1.
Derek Bohi vs. Frederick Brown: did not air before or after Spike TV.


Cheick Kongo vs. Alexander Volkov

Volkov comes out in the gray/orange Venum trunks with a 24-5 record. Kongo's trunks are black and his record is 22-10-2. Volkov fights out of Moscow, Russia and Kongo fights out of Paris, France. 'Big' John McCarthy is our referee, so "let's get it on!"

Round 1: Kongo is working the right hand early. Volkov grabs the head for a clinch and lands a couple of knees. There's some sort of accidental foul and they tap gloves at the half minute mark before continuing. Kongo's body language is telegraphing takedown. He throws an overland right and Volkov throws a body kick. Volkov pushes him to the fence for a series of kicks and a left to the head. Kongo moves off the fence then drops levels for a single, and Volkov's height saves him twice, but the third attempt at 2:31 finally gets Volkov off his feet. Volkov gets to his knees at 3:18 but takes a hard knee to the body before getting back up at 3:45 - and Kongo slams him back down four seconds later. Kongo with some vicious right elbows to the head on top, and once has sliced Volkov's scalp from one ear to the other. 10-9 opening round for Kongo.

Round 2: Kongo dumps Volkov with a takedown 38 seconds into R2. Volkov rolls to his side so Kongo hammers shots into his left ribcage. Blood leaks out of the cut on Volkov's head as he takes more punishment. Kongo is eating him up from half guard. Volkov tries to sit up at 3:10. Kongo quickly stifles the scape attempt. McCarthy calls for work at 3:52 as the crowd boos. Volkov is trying to snag a kimura but can't hang onto it. More nasty elbows with 25 seconds left. Volkov's head paints the canvas as Kongo scores another 10-9 round.

Round 3: Kongo takes him down again in the first minute of the third round and is really laying in the heavy hands. McCarthy calls for work at 1:53 as Volkov tries desperately to figure out an escape or a submission. More big elbows from Kongo at 2:15. It's clear now that Kongo had a perfect game plan tonight. McCarthy calls for more work at 2:29. Volkov is taking shots right on the forehead cut. McCarthy stands them up at 3:38. Volkov goes for guillotine as Kongo takes him down again, but Kongo pops his head out with under a minute left. This is one-sided domination and the judges should have no trouble rending a unanimous decision.

Final result: Cheick Kongo wins via unanimous decision - 30-27 from all three judges.


David Rickels vs. John Alessio

Round 1: Rickels comes out wearing a cheetah print suit from head to toe and shades, rapping along to Action Bronson. When he finally gets his pimp gear off he's in black trunks, sporting a record of 16-3 tonight, while Alessio is 35-17 in the gray trunks. Rob Hinds is our referee. Rickels runs forward to touch gloves, and wastes no time firing off leg kicks. Alessio is staying light on his feet, bouncing and circling. The crowd chants "Let's go Caveman" as Alessio pushes him into the fence. Rickels spins around with him and lands some knees and rights. Alessio is hurt and Rickels gives chase. 90 seconds gone and Alessio is in trouble but recovering. Rickels grazes with a head kick and lands a knee and a left against the fence. Rickels hurts him with more lefts and knees and Hinds stops the fight for an illegal knee to a grounded opponent. You can see the left knee hit him in the head on the replay as they give Alessio time to recover. Rickels is told by the referee to stay in his corner while they wait for the doctor to check him over.

After a long delay Alessio tells the doctor he can't continue and the referee waves off the fight. We wait for an official ruling as to whether it's a disqualification or a no contest.

Final result: The fight is ruled a no contest at 2:24 of the first round due to an unintentional illegal knee.


Pat Curran vs. Emmanuel Sanchez

Round 1: Curran is 20-7, Sanchez is 10-1. Sanchez is in black trunks, Curran the white. John McCarthy is our referee. The fight is underway with a "let's get it on" and they quickly trade leg kicks. Curran is backed up to the fence but circles off quickly. Head kick by Curran isn't lush. Sanchez hits a groin kick but Curran signals he can continue and they tap gloves. Sanchez continues to wade in and make Curran backpedal but he's not landing the big shot. Stiff left jab to the face for Curran. Right hand by Curran. Knee kick by Curran. Sanchez' best weapon is his leg kicks. Curran lands a 1-2 combo and steps away. Hard right hand by Curran. Body kick by Sanchez. Leg kick by Curran. High kick checked by Curran and then he stings Sanchez with a four shot combo. Clubbing right hand by Curran to the ear. Wild body shot by Sanchez hits air. Hard body shot by Curran lands. Head kick checked. Curran 10-9.

Round 2: McCarthy calls time 19 seconds into R2 as a headbutt causes an cut over Sanchez' left eye. McCarthy tells them it was accidental and informs the judges the same, then brings in the doctor to check it over. Curran gets a single leg at 31 seconds after the restart. He can't keep him down and they return to the stand and trade. Three minutes remain in R2. Sanchez flies in and lands a knee that may have been low but they touch gloves to wave it off. Sanchez is chasing each time Curran lands a combo or uppercut. Sanchez may have hurt Curran with a right hand, or Curran may have stumbled, but either way he didn't capitalize. Curran gets a single leg at 4:35. Close second round.

Round 3: Sanchez wags a finger at Curran at the start of R3, either to claim a shot didn't hurt him or to try and lure Curran into a brawl. Instead Curran hits an outside leg trip at 58 seconds. Curran is landing well over 60% of his strikes according to the stats, but he does have a mouse of his own under one eye. Curran goes for the back and gets one hook in but he loses it and they wind up standing again with two minutes left. Curran immediately gets another single leg and Sanchez tries to scramble to no avail. Curran takes the back with both hooks in and under 90 seconds remaining. Curran is still going for the the rear naked choke with time remaining but Sanchez scrambles back to his feet at 4:35. Instead of backing up to trade Sanchez stays tight against the fence, which doesn't give him much chance to steal back the round. Curran should take the decision.

Final result: All three judges score the contest 30-27 for the unanimous winner Pat Curran.


Joe Schilling vs. Hisaki Kato

Round 1: Kato is 4-1, Schilling is 2-4 (but 18-7 in kickboxing). Kato is in black trunks, Schilling is in blue trunks. Rob Hinds is our referee. A "let's go - fight" gets us underway. Schilling lands a hard high kick under the armpit 52 seconds in. You can hear the corner yell "He didn't like that kick Joe!" Joe hits another. Kato gets a takedown at 1:22. Schilling gets a warning for elbows to the back of the head. Schilling tries to sweep and gets two warnings for toes in the cage. Hinds calls for improvement at 2:35. Kato stands up and gets multiple warnings not to grab the cage, then a warning for shots to the back of the head. Heel strikes to the back by Schilling as Kato tries to stack him against the fence. Schilling goes for a triangle but Kato escapes quick and takes half guard. Another call to improve at 4:18 as the crowd starts booing. Kato stands up and lets his hands go then jumps back in tight. Hinds with another warning to improve at 4:46. Kato takes full mount and starts wailing on Schilling, who is covering up as the bell ends R1. 10-9 Kato.

Round 2: Hinds was full of advice to Kato's corner during the commercial break, telling him to watch the hands to the back of the head, and to stop when he's told to stop. 33 seconds into the round both of those warnings are unnecessary as KATO KNOCKS SCHILLING COLD WITH A JUMPING LEFT HAND. He hesitates thinking Schilling is already out, Hinds rushes over as fast as he can, but Kato throws one additional left to his unconscious foe before Hinds can get between them. We go to commercial.

Final result: Hisaki Kato wins via knockout at 0:34 of the second round.


Bubba Jenkins vs. Joe Wilk

Round 1: Rob Hinds is our referee. Wilk is 18-10 in the black trunks, Jenkins is 8-2 in the white trunks. Wilk lands the first leg kick. Both men are content to trade kicks at distance for the first minute. Jenkins is having success with the left hand as the fight progresses. They clinch up and Jenkins gets a takedown at 2:03. Wilk is trying to snag an arm from the bottom and is keeping a knee between them to block Jenkins from passing or improving. Jenkins finally gets a couple of lefts through. Jenkins steps over to half guard with a minute left. Wilk goes for a heel hook and Jenkins scrambles free at 4:32 and jumps right back on top. 10-9 R1 for Jenkins.

Round 2: Jenkins has the takedown 20 seconds into R2 and Wilk closes the guard and back scoots to the fence. Jenkins unloads with right hands and Wilk's defense crumbles, forcing the ref to save him at the one minute mark.

Final result: Bubba Jenkins wins via TKO at 1:00 of the second round.


Aaron Ely vs. Jeimeson Saudino

Round 1: Chris Belshe is our referee. Black trunks, blue gloves, 4-2 for Ely. Black trunks, red gloves, 8-4 for Saudino. Saudino quickly settles in to circling on the outside. Saudino hits a takedown but Ely has a guillotine and sweeps to the top. Saudino gets back up but his head is still trapped. Ely shoots and now Saudino is looking for the guillotine. Ely tries to peel him off and does at 2:33. Saudino goes for a triangle and can't get it as Ely spins to take the back and gets one hook in. Ely briefly flattens Saudino at 3:55 and again at 4:07. Ely scrambles to half control at 4:40 and looks for an armbar but with short time can't get it. 10-9 Ely.

Round 2: Both fighters tap gloves to open R2. Ely is opening up with his hands and stings Saudino at 0:47, forcing him to shoot his way across the cage. The shoot gives the neck to Ely and he cranks on it for the choke until Saudino has to tap with his only free arm on Ely's leg.

Final result: Aaron Ely wins via submission (guillotine choke) at 1:05 of the second round.


Bobby Cooper vs. Pablo Villaseca

Round 1: Our referee is Rob Hinds. Villaseca is 9-0 in gray trunks, Cooper is 11-5 and is in black trunks. Cooper takes a big left early. He has a height and reach advantage but he keeps getting tagged. He tries to slow Villaseca down with an outside leg kick. He has to lean all the way forward to land shots on the shorter Villaseca, but Cooper finally tags him and Villaseca gets a defensive takedown to recover. Cooper gets back up at 2:33 but eats a knee to the head. Villaseca gets the left left high in the air and kicks the right out, then gives Villaseca a couple of knees to the ribs before he stands again. Hinds warns him about illegal shots, and sure enough Cooper puts his hand down to make it technically illegal. Hinds warns Cooper not to bring his hand up and down trying to draw a foul - either be grounded or be standing. R1 resumes with 52 seconds left. 10-9 round for Villaseca.

Round 2: Villaseca immediately goes for a single leg at the bell and gets Cooper down on the second effort at 0:28. Villaseca goes for the back as Cooper tries to stand and lands another knee when Cooper turns out, then takes him down again at 1:20. Cooper is keeping his hand all the way on the ground again each time he tries to stand. Villaseca gets another takedown, but Cooper sweeps to the top and nearly gets a guillotine. Cooper tries to land hammerfist rights and Villaseca tries to tie him up. Hinds calls for improvement at 3:01. Villaseca goes for a triangle and Cooper pulls his way free. Another call for improvement at 3:28. Cooper finally backs away and makes Villaseca stand up. Cooper is using his length effectively but Villaseca pops him with a good combo at 4:40. Very close round.

Round 3: Hinds delays the start of R3 to clean up some spilled ice in Cooper's corner, prompting a Joe Rogan joke from Jimmy Smith. Villaseca starts strong with a combo. Cooper throws a leg kick and covers up to avoid the response. Villaseca throws a spinning back kick to try and reassert himself. Cooper keeps closing the distance and pushing Villaseca toward the fence. Cooper seems to be catching Villaseca over and over with the left, and Villaseca is talking smack as a result. Villaseca's face is getting busted up. He's able to back away from most of Villaseca's strikes, but a kick to the cup makes Cooper double in pain and Hinds gives him a moment to recover. We restart with under two minutes left. Villaseca eats a big right at 3:50. Villaseca tries to close the distance and maybe get a takedown but there's nothing there. The two men slug it out until the bell. 10-9 for Cooper but we'll see who won the fight as a whole.

Final result: 29-28 Villaseca, 29-28 Cooper, and 29-28 for Cooper via split decision.


Augusto Sakai vs. Daniel Gallemore

Round 1: John McCarthy is our referee. Sakai is 7-0 in the Brazilian trunks. Gallemore is 4-2 in the white trunks. Right away Sakai is circling side to side, bobbing and weaving with his head. Gallemore goes for a kick and Sakai nearly dumps him catching it. Gallemore keeps pawing away with the jab as Sakai lands the occasional leg kick. Gallemore finally lands a few outside kicks to the left leg and throws the overhand right. Sakai throws a looping windmill right that lands, then an over the top left. Gallemore puts a straight right on his jaw and they briefly trade power shots. Most of the fight thus far is Sakai circling to his right on the outside and Gallemore being unable to cut him off. They trade again at 3:44 and Sakai lands a good left. Gallmore gives chase at 3:58 and Sakai goes for the thai clinch. Sakai gets the better of it including a nice shot when they break. One last leg kick from Gallemore to end R1.

Round 2: Strange exchange between Gallemore and his corner as he seems to be saying he can't see, but also that he wants to continue, but ultimately Gallemore says "yeah yeah" when they ask him whether he wants to continue or not. Sakai is using push kicks to keep Gallemore at bay and body/leg kicks to slow him down. These guys were both right at the heavyweight limit and look every bit of it this round - they're sweaty and breathing hard. Gallemore lands a big right and Sakai responds with multiple leg kicks. They clinch up and Gallemore throws hard shots to the gut before they break. Gallemore lands a sharp left jab as Sakai continues to circle. Sakai ducks two big overhand rights and grabs the clinch. Thudding body shot by Gallemore in response. Sakai gets an uppercut before they break. Right cross from Sakai. Leg kick by Gallemore. Looping punches by Sakai miss at 4:36 and he eats a heavy hand in response. Gallemore immediately tells his corner he's done. This fight is over.

Final result: Augusto Sakai wins via TKO (corner stoppage) at 5:00 of the second round.


Iony Razafiarison vs. Bryanna Fissori

Round 1: Rob Hinds is our referee. Fissori is 1-0 in the pink trunks and white top. Razafiarison is 2-0 in the white trunks and black top. Razafiarison comes out aggressive but Fissori gets a takedown and takes her back then transitions to a full mount. Multiple unchecked right hands and elbows by Fissori. She takes the back looking for a rear naked choke and slowly but surely flattening her out. Fissori goes to her back, Razafiarison briefly spins on top, but Fissori sweeps quickly to regain control and they both stand up. 2:30. Fissori is looking for a leg trip takedown and gets it at 2:59, avoiding the sweep attempt that follows. Fissori goes for full mount and lets her opponent up in the process. They trade against the fence, Fisssori goes for a takedown but actually gets thrown and Razafiarison is briefly on top at the end of R1. 10-9 Fissori.

Round 2: Both women circle and jab for the first 55 seconds. Razafiarison tries a spinning backfist that misses. When they exchange hands Fissori usually gets the better of it. Razafiarison with another hip toss throw but Fissori sweeps and is on top at 2:13. Razafiarison sweeps back on top at 2:44 against the fence but Fissori gets up at 2:57. Fissori tries to take the back as they jockey for position. Hinds calls for improvement at 3:39. Knees are traded. They break at 4:13. Razafiarison lands a combo at 4:50 and reverses a takedown attempt. 10-9 Razafiarison.

Round 3: Razafiarison goes for a takedown and gets swept again on the ground. Hinds calls for improvement although Fissori is definitely trying to move up and Razafiarison is throwing a lot of strikes off her back. Fissori's half guard pass is blocked at 1:58 but she's able to posture up and get off a few hammers. You can hear her corner yelling out "body body head" and "your butt's too high." Fissori makes the half guard pass with 90 seconds left. Full mount at 3:44. Fissori keeps looking for an arm. Razafiarison tries and fails to buck her off. Fissori thinks about the arm again but instead decides to stay in full mount and win the third round with her hands - and she definitely does. 10-9 and what should be 2 out of 3 rounds total to Fissori.

Final result: Bryanna Fissori wins via unanimous decision 29-28 X3.


Alex Huddleston vs. Javy Ayala

Round 1: John McCarthy is our referee. Ayala is 8-3 in the white trunks. Huddleston is 5-1 in the black trunks. Huddleston opens with a knee. They clinch and break at 0:26. Huddleston throws a head kick. Ayala tries to respond then gets rocked with a left as Huddleston jumps on top. Huddleston takes the back and taps Ayala out at 1:12, as Ayala spiked himself on the head trying to get out of the rear naked choke. He's wobbly after he taps out.

Final result: Alex Huddleston wins via submission to a rear naked choke at 1:12 of the first round.


Greg Scott vs. Gaston Reyno

Round 1: Our referee in charge is Chris Belshe. Reyno is 3-0 in the black trunks, Scott is 3-3 in the white trunks. Scott comes forward swinging quickly and eats a knee. He keeps trying to push Reyno to the fence and taking more knees to the body. Once he cuts an angle and escapes he starts throwing lots of body and leg kicks. Scott goes for a single leg and gets it but puts himself in a triangle and he taps at 1:17.

Final result: Gaston Reyno moves to 4-0 via submission (guillotine choke) at 1:17 of R1.


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