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Video: Fabricio Werdum doesn't want to fight until December, prefers Andrei Arlovski rematch

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"I want to rest a little bit. I trained a lot ... training for a long time. I want to enjoy my family, just a little bit, then I want to fight again, maybe in December. Arlovski is good. He beat Travis Browne now. I beat Travis Browne. My question is, who is the daddy?"

Suddenly, October doesn't sound so bad. It appears as though Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum is picking up right where Cain Velasquez left off, keeping the belt on ice for an extended period of time. Was "Vai Cavalo" injured during his upset win over Velasquez at UFC 188? No, but the Brazilian wants to take a few months off and relax with his family, which is probably not what the top contenders want to hear. Then again, Andrei Arlovski may not care when Werdum gets back into the cage if he's guaranteed first dibs, something UFC President Dana White has yet to announce. Perhaps this latest timetable will influence his decision? Either way, it could also help this fighter's campaign for a second go-round.