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Stipe Miocic: Fabricio Werdum is good on the ground but nah, I'll still use my wrestling

"He hasn't fought someone like me before. I bring a lot to the table and I'm gonna walk in there and I'm confident I'm gonna win the fight and I'm gonna be the next heavyweight champ. His ground game is amazing, his stand up is real good too [but] I'm faster than him, I move better than him, I got better stand up. He's really good on the ground, he's a black belt, but nah, I'll definitely use my wrestling. I'll be smart about it and not put myself in any bad positions, but I think anywhere it goes I'm comfortable with and whatever he brings to the table I'll be able to handle."

Undisputed Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum (deal with it) has submitted legendary ground fighters like Fedor Emelianenko, as well as world-class wrestlers like Cain Velasquez. But don't expect that to stop a guy like top-ranked 265-pound contender Stipe Miocic (via Submission Radio) from taking the jiu-jitsu wizard down and fighting him on the ground. That's because the Croat is too fast to be submitted by "Vai Cavalo" and is hoping he can edge out former division kingpin Andrei Arlovski in the title shot sweepstakes. It may be worth it just to see him eat these words -- or prove he was right all along.

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