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Like James Bond, UFC's Bruce Buffer can sleep with whoever he wants

And he doesn't have to kill anyone, either.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The name's Buffer.

Bruce Buffer.

The longtime Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) veteran voice of the Octagon does indeed have a cushy job when you compare it to your everyday 9-to-5, as Buffer gets to travel the world on the company's dime while getting a front row seat to every single fight.

If that's not enough to get most men jealous, what will likely have them green with envy is the fact that Bruce (no, not that one) can channel his inner James Bond and sleep with anyone he chooses, without the fear of commitment.

Let him bang, bro.

Buffer talked about his sexploits on a recent "Sex and Relationship" edition of his "It's Time" podcast (via FOX Sports):

"Most married men are completely jealous of my existence, the way it's designed. As far as, surrogate wife, surrogate kids. I get to travel the world like James Bond, not have to kill anybody and I can sleep with whoever I want. Right? Unless I'm in a committed relationship. As we've seen in the past, If I'm committed, I'm committed. I think there's been a couple of three months of commitment."


And by the looks of it, Buffer hasn't done too bad in that department. Of course, the fact that Bruce isn't married at the moment allows him to live the Bond lifestyle. Which means he probably won't be tying the knot anytime soon.

Any of you married Maniacs envy the playboy lifestyle that Buffer lives?

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