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Bethe Correia: Ronda Rousey is a farce, will cry in pain when I humiliate her at UFC 190

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As if Bethe Correia wasn't already on Ronda Rousey's bad side, the Brazilian made sure to stay there after hurling a tasteless suicide comment toward the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) women's bantamweight champion.

Something that didn't sit too well with "Rowdy," as it has been well-documented that her father took his own life when Rousey was just eight years old. It's a tragedy Bethe claimed she didn't know about when she made the comment in her apology to the champion.

Correia elaborated during a recent appearance on The MMA Hour:

'"I didn't know Ronda's family had that personal tragedy, otherwise I would have never spoken something like that. But this is something we usually say in Brazil. Something like, 'you're going to kill yourself,' or the war cry during the shows, the fans say 'you're going to die.' So, it's something really common (in Brazil), but it doesn't have the same value that you guys have. With her personal tragedy, it took another level. But it's not what I meant and I am very secure about what I say and what I do. I apologize to her and to everyone. It was not my intention at any time."

For her part, Bethe says the comments didn't take their feud to a different level, as the tension was already at an all-time high after "The Pitbull" took out two of Rousey's friends inside the Octagon.

Also, if we're talking about hitting below the belt, Bethe was quick to remind fans that she didn't appreciate Ronda taking the Lord's name in vain when "Rowdy" declared that she would have a "come to Jesus meeting" with the Brazilian on fight night.

Unintentional insults aside, Correia warned Rousey to prepare for the biggest beating of her life this August.

"Ronda, you're not the superheroine you think you are. You are a farce, and I'll prove it on August 1. I'll give you the biggest beating of your life. I'll make you suffer pain, I'll make you cry in pain. I'll humiliate you, and you'll leave your belt here. You're not a champion. I'm a champion. I invite you to try your MMA game because your judo is not going to work here. I'm gonna beat you up and everyone is going to see it."

The time for talking will be at an end in two months when the talented ladies go toe-to-toe in the main event of UFC 190 on Aug. 1, 2015, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Until then, expect the trash talk between the two ladies to continue on.