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Bellator 138 results: Live streaming play-by-play updates for 'Kimbo vs Shamrock' online

Bellator 138: "Kimbo vs. Shamrock" takes place TONIGHT (Fri., June 19, 2015) from Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Mo., featuring the long anticipated Heavyweight "super" spectacle between Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Ferguson and "The World's Most Dangerous Man" Ken Shamrock.

In addition, Bellator MMA has loaded up the Spike TV main card with important fights for the promotion that are sure to be crowd pleasers. Featherweight Patricio "Pitbull" Freire defends his 145-pound title against Daniel Weichel, Heavyweight Bobby Lashley will face late replacement Dan Charles and Lightweight contenders Michael Chandler and Derek Campos will clash, too.

All of this plus a Featherweight showdown between Henry Corrales and Daniel Straus live on Spike TV!

Bellator 138 will start tonight on Spike TV at 9 p.m. ET. will be here all night long to deliver LIVE results and play-by-play for the televised fights, along with the under card "Prelims" action on that begins at 6:45 p.m. ET.

Many readers check in before, during and after the fights to share their thoughts on all of the action. Feel free to leave a comment (or 138) about the bouts before you leave and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it's always a lot of fun!


Main Card (Spike TV):

Kimbo Slice vs. Ken Shamrock -- Slice via KO at 2:22 of R1.
Patricio Freire (c) vs. Daniel Weichel -- Freire via KO at 0:32 of R2.
Bobby Lashley vs. Dan Charles -- Lashley via TKO at 4:14 of R2.
Daniel Straus vs. Henry Corrales -- Straus via sub (guillotine) at 3:47 of R2.
Michael Chandler vs. Derek Campos -- Chandler via RNC at 2:17 of R1.

'Prelims' Undercard (

Miles McDonald vs. Dan O'Connor -- McDonald via RNC at 4:30 of R3.
Justin Lawrence vs. Sean Wilson -- Lawrence via TKO at 4:56 of R1.
Eric Irvin vs. Hugh Pulley -- Pulley via SD: 29-28, 28-29, 30-27.
Rashard Lovelace vs. Matt Helm -- Lovelace via TKO at 0:58 of R1.
Kain Royer vs. Enrique Watson -- Watson via sub (RNC) at 0:41 of R1.
A.J. Siscoe vs. Garrett Mueller -- Mueller via sub (RNC) at 1:26 of R2.
Adam Cella vs. Kyle Kurtz -- Kurtz via sub (armbar) at 4:13 of R2.
Justin Guthrie vs. Steven Mann -- Guthrie via sub (d'arce) at 1:09 of R2.
Garrett Gross vs. Chris Heatherly -- Heatherly via UD 29-28 X3.


Kimbo Slice vs. Ken Shamrock

Time for a show! "Big" John McCarthy will ref our main event. Ken Shamrock fights out of Reno, Nevada with a record of 28-15-2. Kimbo Slice fights out of Coral Springs, Florida with a record of 4-2. Shamrock starts his entrance with an homage to the Road Warriors (Legion of Doom) and he's got on a t-shirt promoting his new movie. He's in black and red trunks. Everybody stands up at cageside when Kimbo comes out - even the comped fighters. He's in black trunks. Shamrock is 51, Slice is 40, and it's, about, to go, DOWN.

Round 1: Shamrock goes for the takedown immediately. He's able to trip Slice down but he can't keep him down. They lock up like two bulls, pushing each other back and forth. Shamrock throws a knee. And another. Slice pushes away at 1:05. Shamrock goes for a single leg and jumps on Kimbo's back. He's going for the neck. The whole building is on its feet. Slice may go out rather than tap out. Shamrock is still working on it at the two minute mark. Slice fights out of it and gets back up and he's rocking Shamrock with shots. Shamrock drops at 2:21 AND THIS FIGHT IS OVER!!

Final result: Kimbo Slice defeats Ken Shamrock via knockout at 2:22 of the first round.


Patricio Freire (c) vs. Daniel Weichel

The co-main event! Our referee in charge is John McCarthy. Freire fights out of Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. Weichel fights out of Frankfurt, Germany. Weichel is coming out to Drake's "Started From the Bottom." He's in white trunks tonight. Freire comes out to AC/DC's "Thunderstruck." He's in black trunks. Let's do this.

Round 1: A respectful glove tap starts our co-main event. Fans are slightly restless in St. Louis after a minute of both men feeling out the range. Slowly but surely they are starting to engage. Weichel almost dumps Freire after a leg kick. A very odd "U-S-A" chant breaks out and quickly dies. Weichel has moved Freire toward the outer circle. Freire circles, Weichel takes him down, and he pops right up. Freire misses with a flying knee. At the 4:40 mark the boo birds are out. Freire tries a single leg and doesn't get it. Weichel tags Freire HARD and knees him in the head and it looks like the bell just saved Freire. 10-9 Weichel.

Round 2: Weichel charges forward at the bell clearly feeling Freire is still hurt. Suddenly PITBULL UNLOADS ON HIM WITH A COUNTER SHOT AND BIG JOHN WAVES IT OFF AT 0:32. It was a left that wobbled him, a straight right that sank him, and a right on the ground that sealed the deal.

Final result: Patricio 'Pitbull' Freire wins via knockout at 32 seconds of round two.


Bobby Lashley vs. Dan Charles

Our referee for this fight is John McCarthy. Lashley is fighting out of Coconut Creek, Florida and Charles is fighting out of Phoenix, Arizona. Both men are wearing black trunks tonight. They touch gloves and we're underway!

Round 1: Charles opens with a front kick. Lashley double legs him 20 seconds in. Charles gets back up at 42 seconds and throws another kick. Nice solid leg kick from Charles. Charles put on on his chin so Lashley took him down again at 1:18. Lashley gives him a suplex and takes his back. Lashley hammers a couple of knees home to the body before Charles stands up. Lashley suplexes him again at 2:40. Lashley with more knees as Charles is blatantly grabbing the cage but John hasn't said anything yet. He finally gives a warning at 3:10. Lashley takes him down again and throws more rights. Charles gets back up. Charles is pouring sweat. Lashley throws him down again at 4:07. Lashley is sneaking right hands underneath to the chin. The camera man just turned around to get Ill Will's commentary for Lashley. It's a solid 10-9 round to open for "The Dominator" Lashley. If Lashley had come close to finishing it would be 10-8.

Round 2: Charles is still throwing out kicks on a wing and a prayer but Lashley takes him down 18 seconds in and then POWERBOMBS him. Charles turtles up as Lashley tries to soften him up. Charles gets back up but Lashley just throws him down again at 1:29. He gets back up again. Charles is durable because he's taken a ton of right hands and big slams and is still in this fight - losing the fight - but still in it. McCarthy gives Charles another warning. Lashley takes him down at 2:45. McCarthy is looking in closely to see if Charles has anything left. He grabs the cage again and McCarthy slaps his hand away. Lashley is just pounding away. The fans are starting to boo either because Lashley hasn't finished or McCarthy hasn't stopped it. He finally waves the fight off at 4:14.

Final result: Bobby Lashley wins via technical knockout at 4:14 of the second round.


Daniel Straus vs. Henry Corrales

Our second fight on Spike TV tonight. Mike England is our referee for this fight. Corrales fights out of La Mirada, California and Straus fights out of Coconut Creek, Florida. Corrales is in white trunks with black trim. Straus is in black trunks with blue highlights on the legs. Here we go!

Round 1: Straus walks straight to the center and stands in front of Corrales, then shoots and gets a takedown at 15 seconds. Corrales stands quickly. He gets another takedown and Will Brooks is pleased, calling for knees to the leg and thigh. He really ought to be cornering tonight. Corrales tries to drop levels after turning Straus around but instead Straus grabs the clinch and throws a knee. Brooks: "Turn off the cage!" Straus turns around and starts going wild on Corrales and Brooks and McGeary both jump out of their seats thinking it's over. Straus wings lefts and rights and a few hit his chin. Brooks screams for elbows. 3:20. Straus tags him with a couple of left hooks but Corrales has a resilient chin. Straus goes for a couple of leg kicks. Brooks is almost all the way up to the cage now calling for Straus to throw straight lefts and 1-2 combos. "And look for that inside leg kick!" Straus hits another takedown at 4:33. "Short time! Short time! Short elbows!" Straus nearly has a choke but Corrales is saved by the bell. 10-9 Straus.

Round 2: Straus is standing right in front of Corrales and not giving an inch - just shifting his stance back and forth to keep him guessing. Brooks: "Hey!! 1-3-2!!" Straus eats a couple as Corrales pushes him back toward the fence but he circles out and away. "Hey!! 1-1-2!!" Straus drops him with a left at 2:14 and takes his back. He's got that choke in tight. Corrales is trying to pull the arms apart. Straus rolls and goes for the arm-in but somehow Corrales survives it. They get all the way to the fence. "Hey!! Body head!!" Straus finally finishes Corrales at 3:47.

Final result: Daniel Straus via submission (guillotine) at 3:47 of the second round.


Michael Chandler vs. Derek Campos

It looks like they went the extra length on the set tonight as Campos came out through a St. Louis arch over the ramp. He's in blue and white trunks. Chandler gets a nice pop from the St. Louis crowd as he walks out under the rising video screen and through the same arch. He's in black trunks tonight. Our ref is Mike England. Campos is out of Lubbock, Texas and Chandler is out of San Diego but hails from High Ridge, Missouri. Here we go!

Round 1: Campos is looking to land the left hook early. Chandler is showing his chin until he knocks Campos down 55 seconds in and pours on the hammer fists. He's eating Campos up on the ground with elbows and rights. England is looking in closely. Campos tries to clinch with him but can't hang on to him. They both stand up. The Scottrade Center was buzzing thinking the fight would be stop. They erupt when Chandler picks Campos up and throws him down on his head. He takes the back right away and is searching for that choke. He's got it at 2:17 and THE PLACE ERUPTS.

Final result: Michael Chandler wins via rear naked choke submission at 2:17 of the first round.



Miles McDonald vs. Dan O'Connor

Round 1: McDonald is in the black trunks. O'Connor is in the green. Our referee in charge is Mike England. O'Connor charges forward swinging, goes for a high kick, and is put on his back. McDonald lets him up. McDonald eats another head kick and responds with one to the body. McDonald is the pressure fighter so far, making O'Connor backpedal and counter. McDonald is mixing in leg kicks. He sends O'Connor backward to the fence with a combo. Both men throw knees against the fence. O'Connor turns him around. McDonald slugs his way out, and England momentarily halts the action (accidental eyepoke maybe) but both fighters want to continue. McDonald puts O'Connor on the fence and he responds with a clinch elbow. Thudding left hook by McDonald. O'Connor gets a spinning strike off but gets bullrushed to the fence and attacked with bombs. O'Connor lands a nice body kick as the last minute of R1 ticks down. McDonald knocks him down and jumps on top looking for a ground and pound but O'Connor snags an arm and nearly has it until the bell saves McDonald. 10-9 McDonald.

Round 2: McDonald and O'Connor seem determined to make the night's first fight a memorable one. O'Connor tries to go for that arm again but McDonald winds up on top in half guard. McDonald stands back up at 1:27 so he can trade with O'Connor on the feet. McDonald lands a combo and they clinch on the fence. He pulls O'Connor's head down for a knee. O'Connor kicks him in the groin and England calls time at 2:02. He recovers and they tap gloves in respect. O'Connor lands a nice combo to the head that only seems to wake McDonald up. He sprawls to stuff a takedown after charging forward with shots. It goes to the ground again and O'Connor is on top this time trying to throw elbows, but McDonald is hanging on to him tight with a minute left hoping to force a stand-up or explode to his feet. O'Connor gets off a few hard hands to the midsection. 10-9 O'Connor.

Round 3: McDonald comes out swinging for the third, then they trade kicks. McDonald is head hunting but covers up with O'Connor answers back. O'Connor is taking small sideways steps, then backs off and comes back in with an overhand right. McDonald misses wildly with a left hook, O'Connor goes for a takedown, but he can't get it. O'Connor's nose is getting bloodied this round but he's still very much in the fight. McDonald has left visible welts on O'Connor's left leg with the kicks. McDonald has to sprawl for another takedown attempt with 90 seconds remaining and ends up getting a full mount out of it, throwing hard right elbows at 4:20. He takes the back and gets the tap to the rear naked at 4:31.

Final result: Miles McDonald wins via submission (rear naked choke) at 4:30 of the third round.


Justin Lawrence vs. Sean Wilson

Round 1: Wilson is in the blue trunks. Lawrence the red. Mike England is our ref. Lawrence lands a hard body kick early. Lawrence with a push kick. Wilson backs away, circles, then charges forward with a few shots. Lawrence keeps making Wilson back up and reset. Lawrence teases a knee and Wilson runs from it. Suddenly Wilson gets in tight for a body lock clinch against the fence. They break and go back to center. Wilson stumbles off a high kick but recovers. 1:30 left in R1. Lawrence knocks him down again and throws hard right hands from his back with 1:15 to go, getting the hooks in and looking for the RNC. Wilson survives it so Lawrence moves on top in full guard and starts landing big right elbows. Wilson gives up his back and the ref saves him with seconds left in R1.

Final result: Justin Lawrence wins via technical knockout at 4:56 of the first round.


Eric Irvin vs. Hugh Pulley

Round 1: Pulley is in the black trunks. Irvin is in the red. Our referee for this bout is John Duever. Irvin gets a takedown early but doesn't do anything with it. He takes Pulley's back and throws him to the ground at 44 seconds, then goes piggyback looking for a rear naked choke. He loses it and Pulley pushes him into the fence for some knees, then backs off and resets. Irvin is trying left hands but Pulley has a crisp right. Pulley has a noticeable size advantage. Irvin throws a front kick and puts a left on his chin. Pulley is forcing Irvin to circle on the outside until they clinch up at 3:24. Irvin is trying to throw knees but nearly takes the back instead. Pulley gets a full mount takedown and tries to posure up and hammer it out with 40 seconds remaining. Irvin pushes him away with his legs but Pulley jumps back on. Close R1.

Round 2: Irvin opens R2 with a right to the chin, Pulley lands a head strike, then the two of them clinch up. Irvin's entire family must be behind press row because they're screaming he's in better shape. Pulley throws him to the ground again 45 seconds in for a another full mount. Irvin rolls and grabs a leg, forcing Pulley to all but sit on his face to save himself. Irvin transitions to half guard on top and the Irvin family goes nuts. Pulley pushes him back to full guard. Irvin can't get off much as Pulley is tying up his arms, but he finally gets the right one free and does a little work. He goes for side and lets Pulley back up. The Irvin Clan are calling for a single leg against the fence. Irvin is throwing rights to the body and the head. He drops to his knees looking for a takedown, gets Pulley's back on the cage. and Pulley is trying hard not to instinctively grab the fence. Solid round for Irvin.

Round 3: One thing you can't beat about being live at Bellator prelims - you never have to worry about losing the live stream. I hope the Maniacs are enjoying it. Pulley is taken down with a single leg at 42 seconds but jumps up right away. Irvin throws a right as Pulley presses forward. Irvin goes for the single again and they're on the fence. They reset and Pulley continues to push Irvin backward. He goes for the single leg, throws a knee, and backs up. Pulley hits a leg kick. Irvin keeps his hands too low in his stance, especially fighting a bigger man. Irvin slips and Pulley lands a few good shots as he tries to regain his footing. Irvin slips again with 80 seconds left and Pulley wails on him as he gets up, and this time Irvin falls down from being rocked. Pulley is trying hard to finish with elbows. Irvin is going for a single leg to save himself, and gets back up with 41 seconds left. Pulley winds up on top as they go to the ground on trip attempts but both men stand up quick. I give Pulley R3 but the judges will decide who wins.

Final result: The judges score this contest 29-28 Pulley, 29-28 Irvin, 30-27 for Pulley by split decision.


Rashard Lovelace vs. Matt Helm

Round 1: Helm is in the white trunks and Lovelace the black. Helm is bouncing around on his feet like a boxer. Lovelace is chasing with kicks. He lands a hard leg kick, Helm crumbles, and this fight is over!

Final result: Lovelace via first round technical knockout at 0:58.


Kain Royer vs. Enrique Watson

Round 1: Watson is in the white trunks. Royer the black. John Duever is our ref. They touch gloves and Royer lands a hard punch, but Watson responds with a takedown and side control. Royer is trying to scramble but he gives up his back and taps to the rear naked choke.

Final result: "The Peruvian Nightmare" Enrique Watson wins via submission at 0:41 of the first round.


A.J. Siscoe vs. Garrett Mueller

Round 1: White trunks for Mueller. Black trunks for Siscoe. Our referee is Marc Wasem. There's not much strategy here with a 1-0 and a 0-1 fighter - they are just rolling their hands and looking for openings to strike. Mueller is arguably the more crisp of the two, and he's mixing in leg kicks here and there. Siscoe tries to clinch and is taken down. Mueller lets him back up but his face is bloody. Nice 1-2 combo followed by a leg kick for Mueller. Every once in a while Siscoe puts a good shot on him, and one just made him lose his mouthpiece. Mueller comes forward with a barrage and has Siscoe hurt. Siscoe takes him down against the fence. Mueller does a good job of tying him up. This will be our only postliminary fight to go past the first round.

Round 2: Mueller is trying to keep Siscoe at distance with leg kicks, but he tags him with a left hand. Mueller drops Siscoe with a right hand and goes to the ground hoping to pound it out. He takes the back gets the rear naked and Siscoe taps out.

Final result: Garrett Mueller via rear naked choke submission at 1:26 of the second round.


Adam Cella vs. Kyle Kurtz

Round 1: Kurtz is in the partially white trunks. Cella the all black. Mike England is our referee. Cella gets a hard takedown before the one minute mark and is in half guard dropping some nasty elbows. Cella stands up and throws him back down for ground and pound from full guard. Kurtz is going for a triangle off his back. Kurtz nearly snags an arm but Cella recovers. 3:30. England calls for work. Kurtz and Cella are stood up at 4:13. Kurtz with leg kicks, then gets dropped with a right hand and taken down while he's recovering. 10-9 for Cella.

Round 2: Cella gets Kurtz against the fence quickly to unload with knees. Kurtz weathers the storm. Cella forces him to the ground at 0:50. He just seems too physically strong for Kurtz to handle. Cella is throwing hammers from guard. Hard left to the chin. Big rights to the body and head. All Kurtz can so is tie his arms up and try to get his legs high around Cella's back. Cella got busted up somehow and is painting the canvas by the Miller Lite logo. 3 minutes. England stands them up at 3:15. Cella gets another takedown at 3:45. Out of nowhere Kurtz sweeps Cella and snags a submission tap with the armbar.

Final result: Kyle Kurtz via submission (armbar) at 4:13 of the second round.


Justin Guthrie vs. Steven Mann

Round 1: Mann is in the yellow trunks. Guthrie the white. John McCarthy is our referee. Mann gets the takedown gets the back and gets his hooks in. He's trying to soften up Guthrie with hard right hands. He's just waiting for that opening to get under the neck. He may get the TKO before that. Guthrie has shown less than nothing this whole round. Lopsided 10-9 for Mann.

Round 2: Guthrie throws a couple of good shots to start R2 and gets a takedown to boot. He's bleeding heavily from his scalp though. All of a sudden we get a quick tapout and Guthrie has completely reversed the first AND picked up the win in the process.

Final result: Justin Guthrie wins via tapout to a d'arce choke at 1:09 of the second round.


Garrett Gross vs. Chris Heatherly

Round 1: Gross is in the black trunks. Heatherly the white. John Duever is the ref. It doesn't take long for this fight to go to the ground with Heatherly on top. He moves to full mount and Gross tries to tie him up as one of the fighters right in front of press row keeps barking out "buck your hips" at him. I'm surprised Duever hasn't called for activity - this is a stalemate. Gross gets him to half guard but isn't getting away. Heatherly gets side control at 3:30. Gross rolls out and gets back up with a minute left. Heatherly is letting Gross come to him and he's landing kicks. 10-9 Heatherly.

Round 2: Gross landing some good strikes until he's taken down 50 seconds into R2. Again a fighter sitting in front of press row is barking out instructions like he's in Gross' corner. "Cagewalk! Cagewalk! Sit up, yes! Wall walk! Get your back to the cage!" Heatherly gets side control but can't keep it. He outworks Gross on the ground for another 10-9.

Round 3: Gross comes forward throwing kicks and we're getting advice from in front of press row. "Don't chase him! Hey, he needs to take you down! Yes, yes! Score your points!" I have no idea if the fans at home can hear this. Gross lands a kick flush to the jaw but he's taken right down again. He's got side control again. Rinse lather repeat. This fight has silenced an otherwise enthusiastic St. Louis crowd. Heatherly is slowily  moving up to full mount with 2 minutes left in the fight. Gross tries and fails to buck him off. Heatherly takes the back at 3:35. He winds up back in side control again but so long as Gross is on his back he's losing. Heatherly goes North-South and then steps over to the full mount with short time left. Should be an easy decision favoring Heatherly.

Final result: Chris Heatherly wins a 29-28 X3 unanimous decision.


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