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Tommy Toe Hold Show: UFC 188 Post-mortem!

That is one bad taco...

What's up fight fans? I'm the cage cutaway because someone said a curse word of mixed martial arts (MMA), Tommy Toe Hold!

And this is another episode of TTTHS (The Tommy Toe Hold Show).

Today, I do one of my mock pressers for UFC 188! After every event, I create a post-mortem, highlighting the insanity that is a UFC event.

And "Velasquez vs. Werdum" was no different.

There was plenty to work with, and work with it I did! Not my usual set of characters, but there was so much wackiness on this card that it was not a problem.

We had bad tacos, puking during interviews, and an "eyesplosion" from Eddie Alvarez (see it again here). Indeed, UFC 188 had everything a TTTHS episode could possible want. Other than the Diaz brothers (as if!). And Anderson Silva. And GSP. And Conor McGregor.

But, considering nearly everyone in the episode is someone I rarely feature on the show this one is a lot of fun. UFC Fight Night 69 in Berlin, Germany, this weekend might be a different story, but this week I'm still bringing the funny!

I hope. Enjoy!

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