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Audio: Mark Hunt insists he's seen a 20-foot demon -- possibly the grim reaper -- about three or four times

But admits it may have been the devil...

"I've had a pretty checkered past, you know as a kid, as a troubled kid. I can share one story with you. My Dad, he was in the hospital. My mum had like seven strokes at the time, and she's had about 11 now I think, but she was in a wheelchair, my Dad was dying of cancer. He was all...he was like the Cadbury man. He had really white hair, but he was all like brown and yellow in his face. So he was dying, and you know I walked my Mum in to see him in the hospital and I walked in there to see my Dad and there was like a crazy-ass smell in the room. It was like ashes. And then as I faced my Mum, I faced my old man looking at him. And then out of the corner of my eye I saw this really crazy, this huge like 20 feet tall [thing]. I don't even know what it was. I didn't look at it, it was in my peripheral vision. So I saw the thing from the side and my mind goes 'what the hell is that thing?' ... and it was huge, like 20 feet tall and it was hooded and it was holding something. And the feeling that I got from it the thing, I was like 'wow that thing's crazy, that thing's there is certainly here to collect this guy right here in front of me' and I'll never forget that. I think I've seen that thing about three or four times in my life. So when I said to myself 'that thing's evil, It's bad, it's not good' and if I looked at it I'll be dead too, just like this guy is gonna be dead. That's not a story, that's just real. I think it was a Grim Reaper. I think it was the Devil. It was 20 feet tall and I mind goes 'do not...' and I got tingles, like I got tingles telling you now. It's like, 'don't look at that thing, that thing will kill you' and I felt like the power emanating from that thing is just ridiculous. And if it opened its mouth, the whole place is gonna fall over. It was know like I said, I've seen that thing four times. I thought to myself 'if that thing's real, then God must be real,' so that's something. I don't like seeing that thing, but I'm lucky I haven't seen it lately. It's kind of crazy."

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight contender Mark Hunt recently told the gang at Submission Radio that he once saw a 20-foot demon in the hospital, which means the "Super Samoan" is either a poor judge of height, or likes to frequent health care facilities with gymnasium-like ceilings. Apparently, the hooded specter who stunk up the hospital has been following him around, in much the same way the aliens have been chasing Georges St. Pierre. Perhaps a fighter like the 41-year-old Hunt, who has been getting abused in combat sports for nearly 20 years and was knocked out in all three of his recent losses, may want to start thinking about Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), a condition that has felled some of his peers and is certainly no laughing matter. Then again, it could just be a lack of carbohydrates, something that has been known to make him say and do some pretty strange things...

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