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Submission! Fabricio Werdum vs Cain Velasquez full fight video highlights from UFC 188 last night

Fabricio Werdum is the undisputed Heavyweight champion of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), putting it on Cain Velasquez last night (Sat., June 13, 2015) in the main event of UFC 188 inside Arena Ciudad in Mexico City, Mexico, en route to a stunning third round submission victory.

Stunning because Werdum completely routed Velasquez on the feet, taking his best punch and responding with several more. The Brazilian jiu-jitsu specialist was able to handle Velasquez's patented "in-your-face" pressure with solid clinch work along the cage and devastating short shots in zero space.

In fact, a knee to Velasquez's face dropped him and more or less signaled the beginning of his end.

Werdum would go on to box him up for a full round and get him wobbling terribly across the cage in the second stanza. There was no quit in Velasquez, though, he somehow keep charging forward even though he was clearly hurt. Between rounds, his corner had seen enough and advised him to get the fight to the ground.

What terrible advice.

Like the fine student he is, Velasquez obliged, diving in for a takedown; however, Werdum trapped his neck on his way down and began to strangle him into submission. Velasquez could not escape and was forced to tap, giving Werdum the victory for which he waited patiently for two years.

It was well worth it.

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