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UFC 188 results recap: Tecia Torres vs Angela Hill fight review and analysis

Last night (Sat., June 13, 2015), Tecia Torres and Angela Hill scrapped at UFC 188 inside Arena Ciudad in Mexico City, Mexico. In a dull affair, Torres took a decision victory. Find out how below!

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Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Strawweight prospects Tecia Torres and Angela Hill collided last night (June 13, 2015) at UFC 188 inside Arena Ciudad in Mexico City, Mexico.

Torres entered this fight with an undefeated professional record and top five ranking. Considering how unclear the top of her division is, there were definitely title implications on the line for "The Tiny Tornado."

While Hill was likely too inexperienced to earn an immediate title shot in this bout -- this was just her third professional fight -- it was an opportunity for her to jump into the top 10. The Muay That kickboxer was undoubtedly motivated to put her skills on display and punish her opponent.

Instead, fans were subjected to a slow grappling match between two strikers that dragged on.

Hill opened the fight by pressuring her opponent, while Torres looked to maintain distance with plenty of kicks. Looking to halt her opponent's forward movement, Tecia dropped down on a takedown but failed to complete it. After a minute or so of trading positions in the clinch, the women separated.

But not for long, as Torres once again shot in and successfully dragged her opponent to the mat. From the top, Torres failed to do anything offensive. Instead, she controlled her opponent for the final two minutes of the round.

Nonetheless, it was enough to win her the opening frame.

30 seconds into the second round, Torres scored a slick little trip into half guard. It took her a couple minutes, but this time Torres was able to pass the guard. While she moved momentarily into back mount and mount, Hill was able to elbow escape back into half guard.

Which is pretty much where the fight remained until the end of the round.

The third round went much like the first two. Torres scored a takedown fairly early on in the round, but the fight was stood up a minute or so later as nothing was happened. Hill tried to make something happen -- she was clearly down two rounds -- but Torres simply pushed forward into the clinch.

While Hill defended her opponent's takedown attempts well in the final round, she failed to make anything significant happen on the feet either. Since she needed a finish, or at least a 10-8 round, her improved takedown defense didn't really change the fight.

There's no way around it, this fight was pretty boring and not at all what the Strawweight division needed. If Torres still somehow gets a title shot off this win, it will be without even the slightest trace of momentum.

Still, it was probably a good decision for Torres to wrestle with her opponent. The disappointing part was her lack of offense on the mat. Hill is clearly quite green in that area, while Torres has been fighting for a fairly long time. Her jiu-jitsu should be at the point where she can at least threaten a beginner.

Hill is an inexperienced fighter. We all knew this going in, and Torres took advantage of it. "Overkill" cannot be faulted for that, and she did show some defensive grappling improvements in the third round. Torres was simply too much, too soon.

Therefore, all Hill can do is keeping working on her defensive wrestling and jiu-jitsu. The division is still new, and there will be other opportunities for her to break into the top 10.

For her next match up, a step back would definitely make sense. For example, a scrap with Valerie Latourneau would make sense.

Last night, Tecia Torres out-wrestled Angela Hill en route to a decision win. Can "The Tiny Tornado" make her way to a UFC title?

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