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UFC 188 results: Tecia Torres grinds Angela Hill in Mexico to win boring decision

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Two undefeated Strawweight women -- both of whom participated on The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 20 -- Tecia Torres and Angela Hill kicked off the pay-per-view (PPV) main card of UFC 188, which took place tonight (Sat., June 13, 2015) inside Arena Ciudad in Mexico City, Mexico.

With a win, Torres would make a case for a future 115-pound title shot. She was victorious, but it was ugly.

Torres started the action with several kicks that did not appear to stop the aggression of the Muay Thai practitioner. Torres attempted to next close the distance with a takedown, but Hill was able to defend and the pair battled for position along the cage for about a minute before "Tiny Tornado" finally got the fight horizontal.

While on the ground, Torres was able to land sporadic rabbit punches as Hill was able to keep her under control and land a few nice elbows from the bottom position.

To start the second, Torres went for a takedown immediately, but Hill defended. After a quick exchange, Torres dove in again and was successful, but once again struggled to mount much effective offense, getting a warning from the referee to "do some work."

Torres was finally able to wiggle her leg out of Hill's guard and secure side control. She shimmied around her back, looking for a choke, but Hill was able to trap Torres on top of her until the referee stood them up. On the restart, Hill landed a knee to Torres' face along the cage in the clinch, her best strike of the match.

Entering the third and final frame, Hill appears to exhausted thanks to Torres laying on top of her and the super thin air. That didn't stop her, though, from winging punches and looking to score a finish. Torres, once again, closed the distance mid-way through the round and pressed her up against the cage, angling for another takedown.

The referee broke them with about one minute remaining in the match and Torres went right back after it. Hill plugged her ear with a few elbows, but they had no real effect.

Torres went on to win a very, very uninspiring unanimous decision.

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