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Kimbo Slice: Suicidal Shamrock is scared, will get jumped in locker room if he p---ys out

Tough words from the street fighter turned professional MMA and boxing athlete Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Ferguson during this week's Bellator 138 media conference call.

Suicide is (regrettably) back in the headlines. was on the line for the Bellator media conference call on Wednesday, as the promotion talked up next week's "Unfinished Business" fight card scheduled for June 19, 2015 inside the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Missouri.

So, what's motivating Kimbo Slice as he gears up for his Spike TV main event against Ken Shamrock?

"I've been fighting professional now for 15 years. It's not something you just say you're done with. I was competing in MMA, then I started boxing, whichever would have came. I was even gonna do a couple of small MMA fights just to stay active. It's work, it's a job. There's always opportunities, one door opens another door opens another door. So it's never like you're done."

During the call, Kimbo intimated the training "accident" in 2008 that got their original fight cancelled was in fact, no accident.

"I just hope they fuckin' pad his hands up, so he don't cut himself, and they keep all sharp objects away from him this time. Like what is he gonna do next time, gonna shoot himself in the foot? I don't know what Ken's gonna do man, I just hope he fights and takes this fight. Dude, you do shit like that when you're scared, when you're afraid, as close as it comes to committing suicide."

Kimbo also made a promise the Missouri State Office of Athletics might not like.

"I hope he don't pussy out, cause if he doesn't bring it, I'm taking it to the dressing room and we just gonna do an old-fashioned bare knuckle (fight) right there, right then and there in St. Louis. Fuck it."

After waiting this many years for the fight to finally take place, Kimbo is not bothered by the hype leading up to it.

"It's no stress, you know what I'm sayin'? I came into the game with a lot going on, it's just part of it, you just gotta know how to block things out. I just hope when the time comes everybody put their TV on, put their Tivo on. To be back on Spike TV is just an amazing feeling."

Hear what Shamrock had to say about all this right here.

The complete audio of Wednesday's conference call is below. To check out the latest Bellator MMA-related news and notes be sure to hit up our comprehensive news archive right here.

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