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Bellator 138: Ken Shamrock passes drug test, insists ripped physique a result of hard work and genetics

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Bellator 138's main event fighters Ken Shamrock and Kimbo Slice took part in a media conference call earlier today to promote their heavyweight headliner on June 19th in St. Louis, Missouri.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Bellator MMA held a special media conference call earlier today (Weds., June 10, 2015) to promote the upcoming Bellator 138: "Unfinished Business" fight card on June 19 in St. Louis, Missouri.

Front and center were Spike TV headliners Ken Shamrock and Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Ferguson.

Moments before joined the line for today's call, Bellator President Scott Coker announced that both Shamrock and Ferguson passed their pre-fight drug tests. That was a concern for many fans, given Shamrock's amazing physique heading into next week's showdown.

So, how did "The World's Most Dangerous Man" get ripped so quickly?

"Hard work, and genetics. I think if you've watched me throughout my career, when I try to go and pack on weight, I'm not as lean. When I don't worry about packing the weight on, and I just worry about my cardio and speed, then I get leaner. That's just how I've been throughout my career. What you're seeing now is I'm putting in harder work."

It's possible Ken didn't understand what was meant when it was presented to him as an "amazing physical transformation," because "lean" doesn't quite describe his bulging biceps.

Shamrock elaborates:

"The reason why I'm putting (in) harder work is because I don't have the reaction time I used to have when I was younger, so that has slowed down a bit. So now I have to work harder to get to the area I want to get to to be able to successfully finish a combination or a single leg. So my work in the gym, I've never put this kind of work into my training for a fight, where I have been pretty much fighting for my life."

Ken was also asked what motivates him to continue fighting after a nearly five-year layoff from competing in MMA.

"I'm not looking to gain anything. I'm looking to live my life to its fullest. I really enjoy what I do, and I'm trying to put myself on the opposite side of the question when people ask me 'Well, why are you doing this?' I keep getting the same question over and over again."

The question is asked repeatedly because most 51-year-old men don't do what Shamrock will do on June 19th.

"I think it's probably very difficult for someone to understand or embrace the fact that I enjoy sparring, I enjoy preparing, I enjoy game planning and setting strategies, working with a group of people to accomplish a goal. To have a group of people who set out on a journey and they accomplish the goal that they set out on together, with all the plans working the way you want to, and standing there at the end and getting your hand raised... it's just a great feeling."

#TeamShamrock is what motivates Ken. Well, that and the chance to impose his will on Kimbo Slice.

"Listen, I don't think it's a secret that Kimbo Slice brings the fight. When he gets in the ring he's gonna bring it. So I don't think there's a question about what kind of fight this is gonna be. And so with two guys that like to bring it, there's going to be a strategy on my part, and a strategy on his part, and we're going to see which guy is going to be able to implement their strategy best."

Hear more from Shamrock in the complete audio replay of today's conference call below and for more on their upcoming Bellator fight click here.