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Female UFC fighters gang up on ass-grabbing dirtbag, deliver street justice with kick to the nads

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Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

What, you thought Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey was the only female mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter who could take on a man?

Then you haven't met "The Peacemaker" and her ball-bashing gal pal.

A couple of ladies from the UFC bantamweight division were responsible for some San Francisco street justice last weekend after an ass-grabbing "dirtbag" -- as so eloquently described by Cesar Gracie on Facebook -- tried to punk Leslie Smith outside a nightclub.

Forgotten rule of Fight Club: Don't fuck with a gal who can rip her ear off and keep fighting.

Dirtbag decides to sexually harass group of females. What he didn't know was that 2 of the women were MMA fighters currently in the UFC.

While going out to a club in San Francisco, a malcontent male decided to cop a feel of a female entering the club. The female turned to her friend, current UFC fighter, Leslie Smith and exclaimed, "that guy just grabbed my a$".
Leslie approached the man and said, "hey you can't do that" at which point the larger male responded, "f@ck you I can do whatever I want"
Leslie retorted, no muthaf@cker you can't"

At this point the man became irate and spat on Leslie's face. He then proceeded to take a punch at what he thought would be an indefensible woman


Leslie ducked the punch and shot in for a takedown. She quickly got to the mans back and applied a choke but decided he needed some elbow strikes and punches to learn a valuable lesson.

The man unable to fend off the better fighter, desperately grabbed at Leslie's hair and in vain resorted to fighting like a girl.

Approaching the melee was Leslie's friend and Meisha Tate training partner, UFC fighter Heather Clark.

Heather, without missing a beat, delivered a running soccer kick to the man's nether regions.

Read the rest of Gracie's account here.

Smith (7-6-1) is waiting for her next assignment after her ear-splitting loss to Jessica Eye. Her right-hand lady, Heather Jo Clark, currently 7-4 in her combat sports career and perhaps best known for her Felice Herrig feud on The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 20, is also waiting for Joe Silva to call.

In the interim, I think we can record this as a win for both combatants.