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Metamoris 6 Results: Josh Barnett submits Ryron Gracie with a toehold

"The Warmaster" submitted Ryron Gracie with a toehold in the main event at Metamoris 6. In the co-main event, Chael Sonnen and Renato "Babalu" Sobral battled to a draw.

Scott Hirano/Metamoris

Josh Barnett submitted Ryron Gracie in the main event of Metamoris 6, with a toe hold around 13 minutes into the 20-minute main event.

The match began standing for the first few minutes, before Barnett secured a takedown with a snap down. Barnett began applying top pressure in the half-guard of Gracie. Barnett would get double underhooks and continue to put pressure on Gracie. Barnett almost passed Gracie's guard, but Gracie would retain it. On Barnett's next pass attempt, he was successful.

Barnett would keep pressure on Gracie as the Brazilian attempted to free himself. Gracie would attempt a leg lock, but Barnett stood up and easily defended, before bringing the match back to the floor and again passing Gracie's guard. In the next transition, Barnett attempted a leg lock but was unsuccessful. Gracie then had Barnett in closed guard, but Barnett remained tight inside with both arms, while Gracie pulled down Barnett's head to control his posture.

Gracie tried working a rubber guard, but Barnett freed himself. Barnett passed the guard of Gracie once again and moved into north/south position. As Barnett kept pressure, Gracie attempted to scissor Barnett's head to sweep. From there, Barnett grabbed Gracie's legs and rolled before attacking Gracie's right leg with a toe hold, forcing the tap for the submission victory. The end came with about seven minutes left in the match.

Barnett is now 2-0 in Metamoris competition, winning both matches by submission.

"Opportunity. Opportunity," Barnett told Bas Rutten after being asked why he went for leg lock submissions. "You train in catch at the Pancrase dojo. You know we have a different way of approaching leg locks than most and Eric Paulson has taught me well and Matt Hume. But, nothing was an easy give. There was no ‘oh this is going to be the one thing,' because Ryron is a literal child of Gracie jiu-jitsu. I could feel it in every movement and his calculated attacks and defenses and set ups. He is the real deal. You don't take a guy like that lightly, ever."

Gracie was gracious in defeat.

"It was a great lesson and it's rare that someone controls me that way, and goes reverse mount, crossing his feet over my body like he did,' Gracie said. "It was beautiful. Now, I have a new respect and awareness for this type of attack."

In the co-main event Renato "Babalu" and Chael Sonnen battled to a draw.

The two went to the ground early on in the match after Sobral pulled guard. Sonnen was able to pass into half guard, but Sobral would recover to full guard soon after. The battle would continue with Sobral trying to trap Sonnen's arm and briefly threatening with a kimura. Sobral would open his guard on occasion and Sonnen also stood up before re-entering the guard of Sobral several times.

About ten minutes in Sobral nearly secured Sonnen's right arm once again, but Sonnen was able to pull it free. Later on in the match, Sonnen would move down toward Sobrals head and loop his arm around him, but could not get anything going. At one point Sobral threatened once more with a kimura, but was not able to lock it up. From there on out, the contest remained in Sobral's guard. The two would get back to their feet with a few seconds left before the match ended.

"I felt his strength a lot. You have to give it up to him," Sobral told Bas Rutten afterward.

Sonnen had some high praise for his opponent, before cutting a trademark promo.

"I've admired "Babalu" Sobral for many years," Sonnen said. "He is a two-time No.1-contender for the UFC championship. He is a legend in the sport. But Bas Rutten, you are standing in the presence of greatness. Before you stands the man with the biggest arm. The man with the greatest charm, and the man that does all the harm. And when I was on a break listening to "Babalu" cut his promo, Ralek Gracie came up to me. He said "Chael, what are you doing for Metamoris 8 ? Mark your calendar. We need a number-one contender. We need someone we know will show up and make that walk whether they feel like it or not.' In four months the bad guy is back and I'm leaving with the heavyweight championship."

In one of the other featured matches, Dillon Danis submitted UFC lightweight Joe Lauzon.

Danis had UFC lightweight Joe Lauzon on the defensive from the start of their match. The Marcelo Garcia black beltbegan with a leg attack, and then threatened with an arm-in guillotine. Lauzon managed to escape, but then found himself in a body triangle, having to defend against a rear-naked choke for a good period of time. Lauzon tried to roll out, but Danis remained in control on his back. As Lauzon escaped from the position, he almost got caught in an arm bar. Not long after, Danis locked up a D'arce choke and forced the tap with just under 15 minutes left in the match.

Metamoris 6 Final Results

Main Card

Josh Barnett def Ryron Gracie submission by toehold
Chael Sonnen vs. Renato "Babalu" Sobral draw
Dillon Danis def Joe Lauzon via submission by D'arce choke
Zande Ribeiro vs. Keenan Cornelius draw
Clark Gracie vs. Roberto Satoshi draw
Jimmy Friedrich vs. Evandro Nunes draw

Metamoris 6 Prelims

Francisco Iturralde def Greg McIntyre via submission armbar
Michael Liera Jr. vs Morgan Neidlinger draw

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