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GLORY 21 results: Xavier Vigney knocks out Chi Lewis-Parry and Maurice Jackson to win heavyweight 'Qualifier' tournament

Xavier Vigney knocked out Chi Lewis-Parry and Maurice Jackson to win the GLORY 21 heavyweight "Qualification" tournament and Ramon Dekkers memorial trophy. With the win, "X-Man" earns a spot in a "Contender" tournament, which will take place later on this year.

Xavier Vigney throwing a right hand at Chi Lewis-Parry
Xavier Vigney throwing a right hand at Chi Lewis-Parry
James Law/GLORY Sports International

Xavier Vigney needed less than three rounds to win the heavyweight "qualification" tournament at GLORY 21 in San Diego on Friday night (May 8, 2015).

Vigney knocked out Chi Lewis-Parry in the second round of the tournament final and Maurice Jackson in the first round of the semi-finals at the Valley View Casino Center to win the tournament and hoist the Ramon Dekkers memorial trophy.

With the win, "X-Man" improved to 8-1 overall (4-0 GLORY) and punched his ticket into a heavyweight "contender" tournament, which will take place later on this year.

"It is a huge honor to have this Ramon Dekkers trophy in my hand," Vigney told Stephen Quadros after the fight."He was one of a kind and it means a great deal to have this in my hands right now."

After a fairly even first round in the tournament final, Lewis-Parry appeared to be running out of gas. Vigney, who was shoved by Lewis-Parry at the GLORY 21 weigh ins on Friday, caught the Brit with a big right hand that hurt the former professional basketball player. From there he swarmed "Chopper" in the corner with a barrage of punches.

After landing a big left hand to the body, Lewis-Parry bent over in pain and could no longer defend himself. Referee Big John McCarthy stepped in to call a halt to the action at 1:50 of the second round.

Check out the finish below, courtesy of GLORY World Series:

The two combatants had exchanged in plenty of trash talk leading up to GLORY 21, and Vigney was asked about it after the fight's conclusion.

"This was a big fight," said Vigney, who handed Lewis-Parry the first loss of his kickboxing career. "It's not the first time I've had someone talking trash--or what not--to me before a fight. I know how to handle that. When it comes down to it, the only thing that matters is what takes place in the ring."

In the semi-finals, Vigney just absolutely dominated Maurice Jackson, who offered little resistance and was supremely overmatched. Vigney hurt Jackson and then pounced on him. While in trouble, Jackson would turn his back, take another few punches and get dropped by Vigney. He would fail to beat the count and Vigney would advance to the final.

In the night's other tournament semi-final, Lewis-Parry avoided early trouble at the start of the fight to knockout Demoreo Dennis in the first round. Lewis-Parry startled Dennis with a jab and then followed that up by landing a right straight that put Dennis out for good at 1:43 of the first round. Lewis-Parry is now 6-1 (1-1 GLORY).

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