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GLORY 21 results: Raymond Daniels makes quick work of Justin Baesman with spinning-back kick KO

"Real Deal" needed less than a minute to take out Justin Baesman at GLORY 21. The No. 6-ranked welterweight improves to 4-2 in GLORY competition.

James Law/GLORY Sports International

Raymond Daniels needed less than a minute to get back into the win column, and he went back to his bread and butter to do so.

"Real Deal" dispatched of Justin Baesman rather quickly at GLORY 21 on Friday night (May 8, 2015) live on Spike TV, landing a spinning-back kick to the liver of the MMA journeyman, just 55 seconds into the first round of their battle in San Diego, California.

Baseman goes by the nickname "Raw Deal," and he got a taste of his own medicine as he could not beat the count after eating the kick from Daniels.

Here's a video of the finish courtesy of GLORY World Series:

The California native improves to 4-2 with the win over Baesman.

"Everybody trains hard but there can only be one at the end of the night," Daniels told Stephen Quadros after the fight. "Someone is going to go home a little bit upset at the end of the day."

Daniels broke down what went right for him against Baesman.

"I maintained my distance and I saw that he really didn't understand the direction where my kicks were coming from," he said. "So, I felt I could set him up and finish it with my legs."

GLORY welterweight champion "Bazooka" Joe Valtellini will soon defend his title against Nieky Holzken, who won the GLORY 19 "contender" tournament in February. Daniels lost to Holzken in the tournament final at GLORY 19 and lost to Valtellini in the tournament final at GLORY 13.

Quadros asked him about a rematch against either fighter.

"I think it would definitely be a different match," Daniels said. "They would see a new and improved Raymond Daniels. Raymond Daniels 5.0 so to speak. I'm ready. As soon as they finish fighting for the title I'm ready. If they think that because they got by me one time that is going to be like that again, they are in for a rude awakening."

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