AXS TV Fights: RFA vs. Legacy Superfight

Two smaller promotions will be going head to head tonight on AXS TV. It is a pretty cool event even though it is regional MMA. Many fans have wondered what would happen if UFC went up head to head with its rivals for a one night card. While this is not The UFC vs. Pride, it is two promotions putting their fighters out there for bragging rights. Here is a look at the main card. WEC and UFC vet Damcio Page is probably the biggest name on the card. The main card is below. There are some prospects trying to get to the UFC with a win. These prospects now know they will be getting that big Reebok sponsorship money at the next level. $2500 per fight for the first 5 fights? Sign me up.

  • Damacio Page (Legacy) vs. Alexandre Pantoja (RFA) – for AXS TV Superfight title
  • Luke Sanders (RFA) vs. Terrion Ware (RFA) – for RFA bantamweight title
  • Mike Bronzoulis (Legacy) vs. Dave Burrow (Legacy) – for vacant Legacy lightweight title
  • Joe Cason (Legacy) vs. Jan Jorgensen (RFA)
  • Charles Byrd (Legacy) vs. Bojan Velickovic (RFA)
  • Chris Feist (Legacy) vs. Adam Townsend (RFA)
  • Brian Hall (Legacy) vs. Kevin Gray (RFA)
The main card starts at 10:00 p.m. ET on AXS TV if you are bored.

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