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Video: Chi Lewis-Parry shoves Xavier Vigney at GLORY 21 weigh ins, Goldberg intervenes

Here are the weigh in results for the GLORY 21 and Superfight Series cards. Things got a little heated between heavyweight tournament participants Chi Lewis Parry and Xavier Vigney.

GLORY 21 will be taking place later this evening at the Valley View Casino Center in San Diego, California.

Full results and play-by-play here.

GLORY middleweight champion Artem "The Lion" Levin will be defending his title against Simon "Bad Bwoy" Marcus in the main event.

The co-main event features the high-flying American, Raymond "Real Deal" Daniels against MMA veteran Justin Baesman. In addition to those fights there will be a four-man, one-night, heavyweight tournament. In the semifinals, Xavier Vigney will be facing Maurice Jackson and Chi Lewis-Parry will be fighting Demereo Dennis.

Lewis-Parry and Vigney, who are in opposing brackets, exchanged some words and things got a little heated. Vigney got in Lewis-Parry's face and "Chopper" gave him a two-handed shove. Bill Goldberg and Cor Hemmers stepped in between the two fighters to quell the raging tempers.

Have a look:

Lastly, there will be an armed forces exhibition fight at middleweight between Devin Goodale of the U.S. Navy and Kyle Stewart of the U.S. Marine Corp.

Full weigh in results below:


Middleweight Championship Bout:
(C) Artem Levin (185.8 lb / 84.3 kg) vs. Simon Marcus (184.6 lb / 83.7 kg)
Welterweight Co-Headline Bout:
Raymond Daniels (169.4 lb / 76.8 kg) vs. Justin Baesman (169.4 lb / 76.8 kg)
Middleweight Military Bout:
Kyle Stewart (185.4 lb / 84.1 kg) vs. Devin Goodale (183 lb / 83 kg)
Heavyweight Qualification Tournament Bout:
Chi Lewis-Parry (248.6 lb / 112.8 kg) vs. Demoreo Dennis (248.4 lb / 112.7 kg)
Heavyweight Qualification Tournament Bout:
Xavier Vigney (252.8 lb / 114.7 kg) vs. Maurice Jackson (273.4 lb / 124 kg)


MW Bout: Mike Lemaire (187 lb / 84.8 kg) vs. Casey Greene (186.2 lb / 84.5 kg)
Catchweight Bout: Giga Chikadze (159.2 lb / 72.2kg) vs. Ken Tran (159.4 lb / 72.3 kg)
HW Bout: Ashley Epps (249.6 lb / 113.2 kg) vs. Maurice Greene (241.2 lb / 109.4 kg)
LHW Bout: Andre Walker (204 lb / 92.5 kg) vs. Manny Mancha (205 lb / 93 kg)
WW Bout: Omari Boyd (171 lb / 77.6 kg) vs. Chris Carradus (169.6 lb / 76.9 kg)

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