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GLORY 21 results: Live streaming Spike TV kickboxing updates from San Diego tonight

GLORY SPorts International

GLORY returns to the United States with its third fight card of year later this evening (Fri., May 8, 2015), featuring a Middleweight title fight between division champion Artem "The Lion" Levin and GLORY 20 tournament winner, Simon "Bad Bwoy" Marcus.

GLORY 21, which takes place at Valley View Casino Center in San Diego, Calif., will feature a Welterweight co-main event between Raymond "Real Deal" Daniels and Justin Baesman.

And, as is customary for GLORY, a one night, four-man tournament will also take place, this one in the Heavyweight division. In the semifinals, Xavier Vigney will take on Maurice Jackson and in the opposite bracket, Chi Lewis-Parry will battle Demereo Dennis.

MMAMania will deliver live fight coverage of GLORY 21's "Superfight Series" that starts online (full details here) at 8:30 p.m. ET tonight below, as well as live coverage of the televised Spike card, which begins at 11 p.m. ET.


Artem Levin vs. Simon Marcus (48-46 Marcus, 47-47, 47-47) Majority Draw

Raymond Daniels def. Justin Baesman via KO RD 1 (0:55)

Heavyweight tournament final: Vigney def Lewis-Parry via KO RD 2 (1:50)

Tournament semi: Xavier Vigney def Maurice Jackson via KO RD 1 (1:32)

Tournament semi: Chi Lewis-Parry def Demoreo Dennis via KO RD 1 (1:43)

Kyle Stewart def Devin Goodale via unanimous decision

Superfight Series

Mike Lemaire def Casey Greene by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Giga Chikadze def Ken Tran via KO RD 3 (2:19)

Maurice Green def Ashley Epps via KO RD 1

Omari Boyd def Chris Carradus via decision


Artem Levin vs. Simon Marcus



RD3: Sorry first two rounds were erased somehow. A point deducted on Levin after repeated warnings by referee Marcos Rosales. Marcus fires a right hand. Levin evades a high kick. Both trade low kicks. Marcus pushes forward and throws a left kick again. jab by Levin. Marcus lands on a low kick. Levin lands a jab and clinches again.

RD4: Low kick by Levin. Marcus misses on a kick. Levin misses a back fist. Levin throws a double kick. Marcus tries for a knee to no avail. RIght and a left by Levin and then clinches. Front kick lands by Marcus. and an uppercut. marcus is fighting quite well here. Marcus lands an outside low kick. Both fighter goating one another. Levin put his hand behind his back. Left hand lands for Levin. Marcus htis a left. Levin feints. Marcus catches a kick and sweeps the champion to the floor. Round ends.

RD5: Left kick to the body by Marcus. Marcus misses a left kick. Marcus lands a left kick to the body. Low kick lands by Marcus. Levin catches kick of Marcus but can't sweep him. Marcus moves forward. ANother front kick to the face by Marcus. Marcus calls Levin out in middle of ring. 60 seconds left. Marcus misses a jab. Backfist misses by champion. 2 seconds left and Levin clinches. Marcus pushes forward. Levin lands a punch to the body.

Final Result: Simon Marcus and Artem Levin (48-46 Marcus, 47-47, 47-47) Majority draw


Raymond Daniels vs. Justin Baesman




Final Result:


Heavyweight tournament final: Vigney vs. Lewis-Parry




Final Result:


Tournament semi: Xavier Vigney vs. Maurice Jackson

RD1: Marcos Rosales is the third man in the ring. Jackson eats a low kick and grimaces. Vigney swarms in but can't finish him. Jackson throws a couple of side kicks that miss. Vigney lands another low kick. He comes inside and connects on several punches. Jackson covers up, turns his back and then goes down. He stays down.

Final Result: Xavier Vigney def Maurice Jackson by KO RD 1 (1:32)


Tournament semi: Chi Lewis-Parry vs. Demoreo Dennis

RD1: Marc Smith is your referee. Right hand by Dennis moves Parry backward. Parry clinches up. Parry misses on a superman punch. Jab and a cross by Parry and Dennis clinches. Low kick by Parry and he misses with a right hand. Parry flings up a front kick. Dennis clinches up. Parry lands a low kick again. Big jab and straight right hand lands on the button and drops Dennis. Dennis does not beat the count and that is a wrap.

Final Result: Parry defeats Dennis via KO RD (1:43)


Devin Goodale vs. Kyle Stewart




Final Result:



Mike Lemaire vs. Casey Greene

RD1: Big John McCarthy is your referee. Greene took this fight on 48hrs notice. Lemaire with a sharper hair cut. Lemaire lands a jab to get things started. Greene misses a kick. Lemaire is moving forward. Left to the body by Lemaire. Lemaire threatens with a back kick. Body kick by Lemaire. Not much offense by Greene. Right hand and the two clinch. Greene misses a right hand. Lemaire off the mark on a superman punch. Greene bleeding slightly from the nose. Outside low kick by Lemaire. Lemiare continues to move forward.

RD2: Lemaire misses a left hook. Casey whiffs on a left himself. Lemaire hits an uppercut. Left jab by Lemaire and a body kick. Greene lands a kick to the body. A brief back and forth by the two. Another lead left hook by Lemaire. Left to the body by Lemaire. Knee from the clinch by Lemaire. High kick by Lemaire blocked by Greene. Greeene misses a right uppercut. Lemaire lands a right. Goes up high and misses. Greene hanging tough but Lemaire is just a more technical fighter. And the bell.

RD3: Left hook misses by Lemaire. Greene hanging tough. Right cross by Lemaire. Push kick by Lemaire. Greene still has some left in the tank and Lemaire looks to be tiring. Greene lands a teep. Big straight left by Greene. Greene goes with a back kick. Lemaire comes back with a one-two combo. Uppercut by Greene. Lemaire fires a knee. Greene comes forward. Greene misses a high kick.

Final Result: Mike Lemaire def Casey Greene by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Giga Chikadze vs. Ken Tran

RD1: Hey kids. Eversport had a streaming issue the first couple of fights and I just caught the end of Green murdering Epps. We will have you covered from here on out.

Mike Bell is your referee. Tran with a low kick and Tran slips. Giga goes upstairs with a kick and it's blocked. Tran misses on a left hand. Giga lands a low kick and is not in Southpaw. Giga tries a flying knee and tries to sweep Tran. Giga lands a jab and Tran circles out. Tran with an inside low kick and Giga fires a high kick that's blocked. Giga with a body kick and swarms in on Tran and has him in the corner. Giga misses a rolling thunder kick and the bell sounds.

RD2: Giga goes up with a high kick and that is blocked. He tries a flying knee and that is blocked too. Giga tried a ""Showtime" kick jumping off ropes. Tran lands a push kick. Tran hits a low kick. Misses wildly on two punches. Giga lands a low kick. Tran eats it and moves forward. Giga lands a right. Tran misses on a spinning back fist. Tran lands an axe kick!!! and then misses on another rolling thunder. TRan has a low kick checked. And the round ends.

RD3: Giga lands a kick to start things off. Tran keeps pushing forward. Question mark kick by Giga. What an arsenal he has. Giga fires a straight left and it's blocked. Tran has a kick caught by Giga and he gets flung to the floor. Tran with a back fist. Head kick misses by Giga. GIga lands a ferocious kick to the body and this could be it. Tran beats the count. Wow. Giga goes right back to the body and drops him again. This one is over.

Final Result: Giga Chikadze def Ken Tran via KO  RD 3 (2:19)


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