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Tim Kennedy trashes UFC-Reebok deal, insists Twitter account got hacked

So don't Email him the number for that local truck driving school just yet...

Esther Lin

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) unveiled its compensation tiers earlier this week (see them here), outlining the dollar amounts for athletes competing under the upcoming Reebok uniform sponsorship deal, which is expected to take effect this July.

The reactions (sample them here) were mixed.

Some fighters, like UFC heavyweight Matt Mitrione, called the move "bad press" for the sneaker and apparel giant. Others, like "humble" up-and-coming featherweight Robert Whiteford, is happy to be earning more than he did on the European circuit.

Then there's Tim Kennedy.

While I'm sure it's of little consolation to Kennedy, who once compared ZUFFA employment to sanitation engineering (seriously), the former Strikeforce middleweight title contender will receive credit for his time spent in the Hexagon, making him eligible for the middle tier ($10,000).

Speaking of Strikeforce...

Scott Coker, his old boss, now runs the show at Bellator MMA.

While UFC President Dana White may not be in any kind of hurry to "fix" this latest issue between Reebok and one of his fighters, he may not have to. Kennedy today revealed that his Twitter account got hacked and it was all a big misunderstanding.

Happens all the time.

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