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Dana White vows to fix 'personal' falling out between Myles Jury and Reebok

Who said UFC's president doesn't look out for his fighters?

Esther Lin/ MMA Fighting

Myles Jury recently took it upon himself to express his displeasure with Reebok, dumping some of the company's trademark shoes into the dumpster and broadcasting it on social media for the mixed martial arts (MMA) world to see.

Check out the waste of perfectly good foot apparel here.

What Jury failed to do, however, is explain in detail the reason he felt the need to trash the company (pun intended).

During a Reebok-inspired media call earlier today (Weds., May 6, 2015), Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White shed some light on the situation, declaring that "Fury" had a potential sponsorship deal in place with Reebok, but somewhere along the way, things went south.

He also vowed to make things right for Jury (via MMA Fighting):

"Before we did the deal with Reebok, [Jury] was talking to Reebok. We are going to make it right. We gotta fix it. So we're going to get together with Reebok, we're going to get together with Myles, and we're going to fix it. But yeah, he can't go out trashing Reebok, but he did have a personal falling out with them. It did happen. I'm going to have to manage it and fix it."

It couldn't have been because of the payout structure since those figures were just released earlier today to mixed reviews. Regardless, despite his beef with the sports apparel company, Jury will likely get his due if White and Co. have anything to say about it.

For now "Fury" -- who was last seen getting his legs kicked out from underneath him courtesy of Donald Cerrone at UFC 182 -- can expect to receive a $5,000 sponsorship check from Reebok for his next fight based on this pay scale.

The good news? Jury -- as well as the rest of UFC's roster -- can still promote other sponsors outside of the Octagon just as long as they are nowhere in sight on fight week and the night of their respective bouts.

Let's see how that works out ... if at all.

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