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Pic: UFC fighter leaks Reebok payouts, tenure tier for uniform sponsorship deal

Brad Barket/Getty Images

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is less than two months away from instituting its landmark sponsorship deal with Reebok, one that will eliminate all other sponsors from the Octagon by compensating fighters for wearing Reebok-branded uniforms.

The payouts are based on tenure, as opposed to rankings. What does that mean in terms of dollar value?

UFC bantamweight Cody Gibson is glad you asked:

1-5 fights: $2,500
6-10 fights: $5,000
11-15 fights: $10,000
16-20 fights: $15,000
More than 21 fights: $20,000
Title challenger: $30,000
Champion: $40,000

Fortunately, fighters will receive credit for bouts held under the Strikeforce and WEC banners. That said, it's hard to determine whether or not the talent can do better or worse on the free market, though it should be noted that it wasn't all wine and roses before the Reebok experience (says this guy).

It also varies from fighter to fighter.

Of course, some combatants were able to go above and beyond this compensation plan by landing individual sponsorship packages with the sneaker and apparel giant. That includes new and established stars like Paige VanZant and Ronda Rousey, but NOT Jon Jones (because of this).

The deal takes effect this July.

While athletes are still permitted to pursue additional sponsors to supplement their combat sports income, no brand other than Reebok is allowed to appear inside the Octagon or anywhere on location during fight week, making it pointless for companies to pay for exposure they won't be getting.


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