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UFC Fight Night 65 live results stream

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) returns to a land "Down Under" for a special late-night edition of the promotion's online "Fight Night" series.

UFC Fight Night 65: "Miocic vs. Hunt" goes down this Saturday night (May 9, 2015), LIVE on UFC Fight Pass from inside the Adelaide Entertainment Centre in Adelaide, South Australia. As the name implies, the five-round main event features Stipe Miocic battling fellow heavyweight slugger Mark Hunt.

That, and so much more. will provide LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire UFC Fight Night 65 fight card below, starting with the Fight Pass "Prelims" matches online, which are scheduled to start at 8 p.m. ET, right on through the Fight Pass main card, slated to begin at 11 p.m. ET.

Many of our readers check-in before, during and after the online action to share their thoughts on all the exciting action. Therefore, feel free to leave a comment (or 65) before you leave and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it always turns out to be a great discussion.

Keep in mind we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps and post-fight analysis following "Miocic vs. Hunt."

Without further delay, see below for the latest UFC Fight Night 65 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)


Stipe Miocic def. Mark Hunt via TKO (Ground and pound) Round 5 (2:47)
Robert Whittaker def Brad Tavares via KO (Punches) Round 1 (0:44)

Sean O'Connell def. Anthony Perosh via TKO (Punches) Round 1 (0:56)
James Vick def. Jake Matthews via submission (Guillotine) Round 1 (4:53)
Daniel Hooker def. Hatsu Hioki via KO (Head kick and punches) Round 2 (4:13)
Kyle Noke def. Jonavin Webb via split decision (29-28 x2, 27-30)
Sam Alvey def. Daniel Kelly via KO (Punch) Round 1 (0:49)
Bec Rawlings def. Lisa Ellis via submission (Rear-naked chokes) Round 1 (4:09)
Brad Scott def. Dylan Andrews via submission (Guillotine) Round 2 (4:54)
Alex Chambers def. Kailin Curran via submission (Armbar) Round 3 (3:15 )
Brendan O'Reilly def. Vik Grujic via unanimous decision (29-28 x3)
Ben Nguyen def. Alptekin Ozkilic via TKO (Punches) Round 1 (4:59)


265 lbs.: Stipe Miocic vs. Mark Hunt

Round 1: Hunt in black, Miocic in blue. I'd be astonished if both men weren't a mix of both colors (and red) before long. Hunt with a heavy low kick to start. Left from Miocic. Miocic with a single leg, but Hunt scrambles up immediately. Stipe with a couple of lefts. Mark misses a big right. Lands one there. Inside leg kick from Stipe, Hunt with a lead hook. Miocic with a right and a jab. Nice right from Miocic. There's a short shovel left, too. Miocic short on a right hand. Hook from Hunt, takedown from the American. Half guard. Elbows and forearm shivers. light left hands to the liver for Stipe. There's some good right hands for the Cleveland native. Working on a kimura and uses it to pass to side. Mark swivels and is up. Solid right from both men as time expires.

10-9 Miocic

Round 2: Hunt with a shiner under his right eye already. Jab from Miocic. Takedown gets stuffed however. Miocic walking down Mark. Hunt gets a jab. A right hand and an elbow gets through for Stipe. Miocic goes for a single, trips Hunt down. They scramble and Miocic is on Hunt's back. He's punching with his left as Mark tries to rise up. Miocic has made use of all the free shots. Hunt shifts and gets up, but eats a knee. They each hit jabs. Solid right from Miocic. Right from Stipe, left from Hunt.Knee and an uppercut from Miocic. Miocic crashes a standing elbow onto Hunt and then ties him up to the cage. They break, Miocic with a couple punches and a takedown attempt. He can't get it, but leans against Hunt. Another takedown try, another failure. Hunt with a couple nice lefts at the end.

10-9 Miocic

Round 3: Again, the jab to open from the American. Hunt gets in a left, but Miocic powers forward with a takedown into half guard. Slicing elbows and forearms from Miocic. There's a couple of punches. More GNP. He gets wrist control and punches down. Hammerfists as they're up against the cage. The ref wants Hunt to work, so Hunt switches stances to try and rise. Mark finally does get up, but immediately gets his legs scooped out from under him. Miocic is in mount now and hammering away. The ref is giving Hunt every opportunity to stay in this, and Mark swings some backhands to keep the fight ongoing. All it's really doing is allowing Stipe to whale on him some more.

10-8 Miocic

Round 4: Hunt looks awful here. Let's see how long before Miocic goes for a takedown. Left from the still dangerous Hunt. One from Stipe. There's the takedown 25 seconds in. Half guard. Look, I'm just gonna link this gif. Mark is mostly inactive from bottom and while he isn't getting lambasted, this isn't pleasant, either. Underhook from Mark, but Miocic grabs the leg to prevent that getup from working. Hunt trying, Miocic, just too strong and technical. Big, big lefts. Hunt gets to a knee, but Miocic shits to the back to make Mark wear his weight. He scoots and does get up but gets BLASTED by a left as he wasn't looking. Mark can barely even get his hands up. Knee from Stipe. He's kind of tired at this point, too, and he just leans for the latter 40 some odd seconds of the round.

10-9 Miocic

Round 5: Hunt can barely see, Miocic doesn't even bother with standup this time and immediately takes him down. Miocic has him up against the cage, but Hunt is starting to climb again. Back down. This fight brings to mind the final moments of Braveheart. Miocic has landed something like 60 unanswered blows. FINALLY, the ref can't give Hunt any more excuses and there's the stoppage.

Final result: Stipe Miocic defeats Mark Hunt via TKO (Ground & pound) at 2:47 of Round 5


185 lbs.: Brad Tavares vs. Robert Whittaker

Round 1: Tavares in black and yellow, Whittaker in black and gray. Left hook from Whittaker rocks Tavares. Another left hook drops him and BIG BOB FOLLOWS HIM DOWN AND SEPARATES TAVARES FROM HIS SENSES! WHAT A NIGHT FOR THE UNDERDOGS SO FAR!

Final result: Robert Whittaker defeats Brad Tavares via Knockout (punches) at 0:44 of Round 1


205 lbs.: Sean O'Connell vs. Anthony Perosh

Round 1: O'Connell in black with white trim, Perosh in the white with black trim. Better yet, Sean has a bunch of arm tattoos, Perosh is ink-free. O'Connell with an inside leg kick. He flurries and seems to have gotten a good one on him at some point. Sean starts another flurry and hits two big lefts that wobble the "Hippo". The ref gives a "FIGHT BACK!" yell at Perosh. Left-right-left-right and Perosh's idea of fighting back is wobbling and barely covering his head. Not gonna cut it, and we've got the TKO win.

Final result: Sean O'Connell defeats Anthony Perosh via TKO (punches) at 0:56 of Round 1


155 lbs.: Jake Matthews vs. James Vick

Round 1: Vick in red, Matthews in grey. Outside leg kick from Vick. Right hand from Matthews and a body lock. Single leg. Working on it still. No dice. Matthews grasps his hands as he switches into a double and Vick is up on the shoulders and slammed down. Vick shrimps, cage-walks and he's up standing again. They break. Leg kick from Vick. Left hand from Matthews. Vick gets in one back. Right from Matthews. Matthews misses a right. Uppercut lands for Vick. Matthews answers with a glancing right. He runs forward with some sort of weird jump knee attempt, but he was so far out of range it looked like a high step. Whoops, Matthews gets poked in the eye on a spinning backfist attempt. 50 seconds left. Vick's right hand just misses a weaving Matthews. Vick lands a great jump knee and stops the immediate takedown attempt. It turns into a guillotine attempt for Vick.... he switches his grip to a preacher grip, Cody MacKenzie style and he gets the tap with seconds left in the round.

Final result: James Vick defeats Jake Matthews via submission (Guillotine) at 4:53 of Round 1


145 lbs.: Hatsu Hioki vs. Daniel Hooker

Round 1: Hooker in white, Hioki in black. Hooker circling early, eats a leg kick. Good jab from Hooker. Body kick lands for Hioki. Counter left from Hioki lands solidly and he celebrates a bit over it. Hioki with a solid right. 1-2-3 from the Japanese, and he gets the three to land. Hooker pokes Hioki in they eye after Hatsu blocks the high kick. We pause, but he's OK and we're back. Hioki gets in a left. A right, too. Hioki keeps getting his right-leg body kicks caught, but with his grappling chops, he doesn't seem to care. Hioki looking good standing so far, lands another left. Hioki with a nice takedown and he's trying to posture over into mount. Half guard. There's the mount. One minute left in the round. Hooker rolls and uses the cage to reverse it and he's on top. They are back standing, however. Hooker with a head kick, lands but gets it caught and Hioki gets the takedown. They scramble back up, and Hooker has a backpack made in Japan.

10-9 Hioki

Round 2: Hooker with a high kick that gets caught - this one seemed to have much less on it than the one in the last round. Hioki eats a punch, but powers forward for the takedown. Butterfly guard. Hioki slices through it briefly, but Hooker uses the cage to regain it. He tries to kick Hatsu off, but Hioki surges back into the body lock. They scramble a bit standing and Hooker breaks free. Hooker backing up Hioki now. Hioki with a left, blocks the high kick. Hooker blocks the takedown attempt. Left from Hioki. Body kick from Hatsu and a combo. Hooker with a nice backstep jab. Level change from Hioki, but Hooker gets his hips out. Kick to Hooker's solar plexus. There's a left hand. Hooker gets a left back as well. WHOA! That head kick again lands perfectly and Hioki is stumbled... another punch and Hioki is stone cold out!

Final result: Daniel Hooker defeats Hatsu Hioki via KO (head kick and punches) at 4:13 of Round 2


170 lbs.: Kyle Noke vs. Jonavin Webb

Round 1: We're still doing Alvey's post-fight interview  some 20 minutes later, as no one's got the chutzpah to get the hook. Seriously, the gong rang like 20 times. If this was WWE they'd have cut the mic and gone to a backstage promo. Noke in blue, Webb in black. Slow feeling out process so far. Webb gets a takedown stuffed. Noke with a low kick but Webb counters with a decent left hand. Noke with a jumping front kick to the chest. Webb lands a nice right that makes Noke lose his balance momentarily. Webb in on a single and gets Noke to the links. Webb kicks the balancing leg out from under Noke and goes for a leglock. Webb abandons ship and tries to get on top, but Noke takes the opening and scrambles up. Noke with a nice jab, but as he presses forward, Webb ducks under and lands a double. Knee from Webb and he tries for a guillotine. Noke breaks the hold, but Webb scrambles and takes the back. Can't get the RNC, tries for a calf slicer, takes the back again and lands a right hand as the horn blares.

10-9 Webb

Round 2: Noke with a low kick, but gets countered with a 1-2 and he's down. Webb on top and trying for a guillotine before settling into half guard and punching a bit. Webb got ultra aggressive on the scramble and Noke reverses him. He postures and now drops down into Webb's guard. He gets in some nice punches, stands, eats an upkick square in the mouth, and then drops back down. Hammerfists from Kyle. Noke kicking the legs of Webb. Now half guard and GNP'ing. Webb uses the threat of a heel hook to stand and now take down the Aussie. Full guard. Noke pushes him back and kicks him off. Noke gets heavy on a Webb takedown and ends that threat. Webb overreaching now on his punches. Webb looks like he's tiring. But he still lands a BIG left hand. Noke gets his composure back and survives at the end.

10-9 Webb

Round 3: Noke's had some success with switch front kicks to the body and he tries it again. Inside leg kick for Noke. Clinch and a break from the two. Webb gets in a counter left off a leg kick, but didn't have a lot on that. Right hand from Noke connects as Webb was ducking down. Right hand from Webb. Noke eats another right. Noke with that straight shin/oblique kick that he learned from his time in New Mexico. Noke's been more on the back foot this round than previous. Right hand from Webb again. Noke shrugs off the single-leg attempt. A switch kick gets the leg out from under Webb, but Noke is unable to capitalize on the brief advantage. Noke gets in a kick and a left. Left from Webb at the buzzer.

10-9 Webb

Final result: Kyle Noke defeats Jonavin Webb via split decision (29-28 x2, 27-30)


185 lbs.: Sam Alvey vs. Daniel Kelly

Round 1: If anyone can make out what the message is in Sam's chest hair, let me know, because it's way too ginger for me to see. Anik says it reads "perfection". Whatever. Kelly in black and white, Sam in black and blue. ALvey with an early counter left as Kelly comes in swinging. There's a right hand that floors Kelly. Kelly rolls away, tries to stand and eats a cartoon punch that blasts him into the ether. The ref saves Kelly from further brain damage and waives it off.

Final result: Sam Alvey defeats Daniel Kelly via KO (Punch) at 0:49 of Round 1


115 lbs.: Lisa Ellis vs. Bec Rawlings

Round 1: Ellis gets an early takedown. Is in half guard. Ellis tries to setup for an armbar, but loses it. Rawlings on top in full guard. She postures out of a brief armbar attempt. Rawlings with a good left. Ellis up, tries for a takedown, but Bec brickwalls it and Ellis is on her back. Rawlings stands and eats an upkick before hurling down with a left that misses. Bec with some nice punches and then looks for a guillotine. They both stand and Rawlings pushes her back with the guillotine on. Ellis breaks the hands, eats a punch, ducks down and tries for a double. Nothing doing. Bec is firing and is landing a lot of right hands. She's hurting Ellis with her punches. Ellis goes to the ground, Bec pushes the head down, knees the ribs and then slides that over into a hook. She's got the back and is squeezing on that rear-naked choke... Ellis taps and that's it early!

Final result: Bec Rawlings defeats Lisa Ellis via submission (Rear-naked choke) at 4:09 of Round 1


185 lbs.: Dylan Andrews vs. Brad Scott

Round 1: Andres in black spandex with white trim, Scott in the black and red. Nice outside low kick from Andrews. Same with a right hand. Andrews in on an awkward single and can't get it. Scott backs the Aussie to the links ans is kneeing. Scott with a foot sweep, but Andrews is up immediately. Huge uppercut from Andrews and Scott is down. Back up and fighting for a double. He grasps his hands together and gets it, but Andrews is again, up right away. Nice elbow from Scott as they continue to clinch. Knees to the leg from the Brit. Knee from Scott, a nice uppercut and a right to the temple sends Scott crashing to his knees, but he is again back up and fighting for a takedown. Andrews working on a power guillotine here to fend off the takedown. Scott is down and fighting it off... he succeeds and is back up and pressuring Andrews. Big elbow and a stiff knee from Scott. Andrews lands a thudding uppercut. Scott with one of his own and he starts flurrying at the end of the round. Andrews with a takedown at the horn.

10-9 Andrews.

Round 2: Jab from Scott. A low kick, too. Nice combo and Scott got at least two solid pieces of heavy leather in on Andrews. Andrews breaks away, gathers himself and fires back to the body. Scott glances with an uppercut. They trade jabs. Andrews fires back with a combo of his own. Scott still looking for that uppercut. Andrews is having some problem with his eye and the ref chooses an odd point to rest the fight. Replays show that Andrews got his eye hurt on a punch, so this fight shouldn't be paused. Andrews gets looked at by the doc and we're back at it. Andrews trips coming forward on a takedown and Scott wins the scramble, nearly taking the back of Andrews. Andrews rolls and gets half guard. Sporadic action from Scott. Elbow... knee pass. There's some right hands, and Andrews doesn't like that at all. He rolls away, but into a guillotine. Andrews is on the wrong side, and Scott rolls over into mount. Andrews taps.

Final result: Brad Scott defeats Dylan Andrews via submission (Guillotine) at 4:54 of Round 2


115 lbs.: Alex Chambers vs. Kailin Curran

Round 1: Chambers in gray, Curran in black. Short kick stumbles Chambers down to the mat, but she rises... directly into a right hand. Curran pressing forward but Chambers ducks under and gets the takedown. Full guard. Chambers getting punched from bottom as she's doing.... nothing really with the top position. Chambers just lets her up for some reason, then goes for the takedown again. She gets reversed and Curran is now on top in half guard and as inactive as Chambers was, Curran is very much so. Bunch of left hands and she's hitting Chambers consistently. Chambers manages to escape and is up standing after some significant GNP. Curran keeping the pressure on, making sure Chambers' back is to the cage. Good repeated strikes from Curran. Curran goes for a takedown, doesn't get it, knees and then just keeps punching. Nice counter from Alex. Curran still punching forward, landing with alarming consistency. Chambers gets in another decent counter. More combos from the American. Chambers gets some AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE OI OI OI cheers. Chambers ducks and gets a single leg, but can't hold down Curran. Curran on the offense again as the round ends.

10-9 Curran

Round 2: Continued aggression from Curran to open this round. Just backing Chambers up with punches, and many of them are connecting. This goes on for a good minute fifteen until Chambers finally leads instead of counters and gets in a nice head kick. Chambers goes for the takedown, but Curran sprawls out of it. 1-2. 2-3. 3-2. It's fairly simple offense from Curran, and she's not doing much else, but she doesn't need to. There's a superwoman punch. A leg kick. A teep. It's all interspersed between half a dozen punches. There's one with about 2 minutes to go that stumbles Chambers to her butt. Curran follows her down against the cage and she's eating a buffet of left hands. Chambers gets up and manages to toss in an elbow, but she's losing the striking battle at like, a 8:1 ratio here. Curran looking like she's practicing on a heavy bag here, and for all intents and purposes, Chambers is looking like a walking heavy bag. Curran catches a body kick near the end of the round and takes her down. Chambers scrambles for an armlock, but Curran shakes her head no that she's alright. The round ends with Curran defending that submission attempt.

10-9 Curran

Round 3: Same as it ever was, as it looks like a repeat of what we've already witnessed. Chambers trying to throw a bit more - a liver kick here, a nice right. Curran tires of actually getting hit for once, and she hits a power double. Chambers grabs for a kimura, but Curran defends. Chambers looking to get some leverage, trying to pull the left arm out. Florian feels that Chambers needs to go belly down to finish it. Chambers working on an armbar and wow. What a huge comeback as she gets the tapout. Heartbreaking loss for Curran as she had this in the bag.

Final result: Alex Chambers defeats Kailin Curran via submission (Armbar) at 3:15 of Round 3


170 lbs.: Vik Grujic vs. Brendan O'Reilly

Round 1: They clinch almost immediately, and O'Reilly lands a knee, and just misses a trip. They get up, but they are still clinched. O'Reilly pushes Grujic to the fence, but gets turned around. O'Reilly reverses position again, but he can't get the takedown. They switch back and forth again, and O'Reilly finally gets the takedown he has been striving for. Unfortunately for him, Grujic gets back to his feet right away. Guess what? They are still clinched on the fence halfway through the round. Grujic breaks free for a moment and lands the best strikes of the fight before inexplicably clinching O'Reilly once more. Grujic is taken down. O'Reilly is looking for a kimura from half-guard, but it seems unlikely he will be able to finish it so close to the fence. O'Reilly bails on the submission, but now he has Grujic mounted and he is landing some shots. Grujic fights to his feet impressively, but is taken down again at the end of the round.

Round 2: Second round starts off with a wild flurry, and O'Reilly is stunned. O'Reilly dives in for the takedown, but he can't get it. Grujic clinches O'Reilly on the fence, and now he has him hurt with big punches. Grujic breaks free, lands a big elbow and he is pouring it on! O'Reilly is bloodied up now, but Grujic can't keep the pace up consistently. O'Reilly is exhausted. Grujic is holding down O'Reilly's hand and landing nice shots. They break off from the fence and O'Reilly lands a front kick to the face out of nowhere! O'Reilly takes Grujic down, but he can't hold him there. They are clinching again, and Grujic is landing big punches, but they are trading! Now Grujic is hurt. This is sloppy, but actually pretty entertaining. Both men have had their chin tested this round. They are swinging again with reckless abandon and both guys get rocked! Now Grujic has O'Reilly's back and the bell stops the submission from being procured.

Round 3: And they are back in the clinch. Grujic lands a knee, and they exchange again. O'Reilly has a tremendous chin even with being exhausted since early on in the second round. O'Reilly clinches Grujic and eats a handful of knees to the stomach. The action has slowed significantly. Grujic was too calm landing bunny punches, and O'Reilly takes him down. Grujic gets up, but he is taken down again and that is where the fight will end.

Final result: Brendan O'Reilly def. Vik Grujic via unanimous decision (29-28 x3)


125 lbs.: Ben Nguyen vs. Alptekin Ozkilic

Round 1: Solid inside leg kicks for Nguyen to start. Ozkilic slipped while trying to throw an uppercut, but stood up and landed a combination. Nice straight left from Nguyen. Ozkilic goes for a takedown, but Nguyen stuffs it and eats a few punches. Nguyen charges forward and drops Ozkilic! Nguyen looking for the finish, but Ozkilic gets up and takes his opponent down. Ozkilic working hard in guard, landing some solid ground and pound. Nguyen got to his feet about a minute later, but ate two nice knees to the sternum from Ozkilic. On the feet Nguyen was landing nice straight punches as Ozkilic looked for big hooks. Nguyen going high, but misses. Ozkilic lands a nice left counter that stuns Nguyen momentarily, but he shakes it off and stuffs a takedown beautifully just moments later. Nguyen lands a hammer of a left hand and drops Ozkilic! Nguyen pouring it on, and he finishes the fight with a second left in the round! What a debut!

Final result: Ben Nguyen def. Alptekin Ozkilic via TKO (Punches) Round 1 (4:59)


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