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Joe Rogan suggests brain damage may be the cause of Jon Jones erratic behavior

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Late last month, former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight champion Jon Jones was the alleged culprit behind a felony hit-and-run accident in Albuquerque, New Mexico. After smacking up his rental car, "Bones" was accused of fleeing the scene, then returning to grab a wad of cash before scampering off to an undisclosed location.

The injured pregnant woman with broken bones was left to fend for herself.

After the promotion stripped Jones of the 205-pound title and suspended him indefinitely, combat sports fans started wondering what would compel an athlete -- who many consider to be the best in the world -- to jeopardize everything he's worked so hard to accomplish over the last seven years.

Joe Rogan, by way of his official podcast (via MMA Fighting), may have a possible answer.

"This should be really clear: I am, without a doubt, not trying to let [Jones] off the hook. What he did was horrible. If it was someone in my family that he hit with that car I would be unbelievably furious. I'm incredibly disappointed in him. I think the UFC absolutely did the right thing in stripping him of his title. I think law enforcement is going to do the right thing by putting him in jail. They're going to. You can't do that. You can't hit someone with a car and leave the scene of the crime. It is a crime, but there are things that people do because they have brain damage. That's where the real question comes up. Obviously they're responsible ultimately for their own actions, but what is it that's responsible for making them do that action? If the brain is getting damaged and if we have proven that some of the issues with people that have brain damage is impulse control you've got to wonder when you see fighters do wild, crazy shit, how much of that is due to getting bonked in the fucking head all the time?"

This is not the first time Rogan has speculated about the troubles of Jones.

Weighing against Jones in the brain damage argument is the fact that investigators found drug paraphernalia at the scene of the crime. In addition, "Bones" has already broken the law in New York, charged with DUI back in 2012 after crashing his Bentley.

And unless the Alexander Gustafsson fight is responsible for life-altering head trauma (it's possible), you can argue that Jones has amassed very little punishment over the course of his UFC career, just because he's that damn good. That however, is also speculation.

Hear more from Rogan below:


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