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UFC Quick Quote: Diego Sanchez will be a force at 145 pounds, starting with Ricardo Lamas

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

"I'm going down to 145. I think there's some great fights down there at 145. Even right away, I'm going to be a force in the division -- right away. The ultimate fight that I would like the best is Ricardo Lamas. He's coming off of a knockout loss, but the guy is a come-forward fighter. He won't try to run. This guy fights. He doesn't run away. He's not going to play the ‘I'm afraid of you and I'm going to run away.' He's going to come forward, and those are ultimately the best fights for me that showcase my skills and give the fans the best fights."

After a promising (and undefeated) start to his mixed martial arts (MMA) career, longtime Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) veteran and judges' darling Diego Sanchez couldn't get it done as a welterweight contender. Unfortunately, his drop to lightweight yielded similar results, so it's another division south and "The Nightmare" will try, try again (as promised). Against? Sanchez told The MMA Road Show with John Morgan that former division No. 1 contender Ricardo Lamas is the perfect match up (sorry Conor), specifically because he won't try to play defense the entire three rounds of their prospective fight. The ball is in your court, "Bully."

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