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UFC Fight Night 67 results: Charles Oliveira submits Nik Lentz late in action-packed rematch

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Charles Oliveira and Nik Lentz collided tonight (Sat., May 30, 2015) in a Featherweight rematch at UFC Fight Night 67 inside Goiania Arena in Goiania, Brazil.

The first bout ended in a dreaded "No Contest," this one with an exciting finish.

Lentz, an incredible wrestler, wasted little time trying to takedown his much larger opponent. Oliveira, though, locked in a tight standing guillotine choke, which forced Lentz to panic and spin down to the mat where he eventually escape. Once on the ground, Lentz began to do some work, but Oliveira reversed and got back to his feet.

Along the cage, Lentz appeared to get the better of the exchanges, as Oliveira wiped his face like something had bothered him. Lentz landed another nice shot, but then Oliveira snapped out of it and dropped "Carney" with a knee to the ribs and began to unload. Oliveira poured on the ground-and-pound, and then secured full guard, before Lentz was saved by the bell.

Oliveira came out guns blazing to start the second and immediately Lentz went for a takedown. While on top, though, Oliveira was unloading some serious elbows, forcing Lentz to swing into side control. Oliveira attempted to get to his feet and Lentz dropped him right back down on his face.

In a scramble, Lentz locked in a nice guillotine choke but Oliveira eventually worked his way free. From there, the pair worked themselves into a leg-locked pretzel, punching themselves in the face as neither man could get anything significant. With less than one minute to go, Oliveira got back to his feet only to do a nosedive and end up in a guillotine choke that was nowhere near being dangerous.

Third and final round of what was so far a very entertaining match began with a glove touch and then an Oliveira Muay Thai attack. Lentz, once again, closed the distance, but this time Oliveira caught him in an incredibly-tight guillotine choke. Lenz dropped, like he did in the first, but this time he could not escape, tapping after a brief, but intense struggle.

Fun fight!

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