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Video trailer: 'Girl Fight: A Muay Thai Story'

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The Fight Nerd (a.k.a. Matthew Kaplowitz) is releasing his latest film called Girl Fight: A Muay Thai Story and he is launching a INDIEGOGO campaign to help secure additional funding to aid in post-production and distribution costs.

The documentary takes a look deep inside the life of Prairie Rugilo and her Muay Thai gym, Girl Fight, which is located in Toms River, New Jersey. The film was shot over the course of 18 months and takes you on a ride through the ins-and-outs of Rugilo and her training partner and fellow instructor, Jaimie, as they help prepare their student, DeAna, for her first amateur fight.

In addition to helping DeAna and the younger students prepare for their journey into their respective Muay Thai careers, Rugilo is also simultaneously preparing for a second shot at a championship after losing a controversial decision.

This film is a great look into a gym that is empowering young women and building their self esteem, confidence and strength through the martial art of Muay Thai. Girl Fight reminds you that while there are superstars like the UFC's Ronda Rousey who are paving the way for young women in martial arts, there are gyms like Girl Fight and instructors like Rugilo, who are putting them on that road and preparing them for the ride.

Kaplowitz has been a fixture in MMA for quite some time, writing for, and FIGHT! Magazine. He is no stranger to documentaries, either, having released All-American: The Chris Weidman Story, before the UFC middleweight champion made his UFC debut. Kaplowitz also released Fighting Spirit, a documentary about how NY MMA was affected after 9/11 and has worked as a production assistant on the Spike TV show, MMA Uncensored Live.

If you would like to donate, you can go to the Girl Fight INDIEGOGO campaign page here. And you can follow the movie on Twitter and on Facebook.