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UFC Fight Night 67 results: Ryan Jimmo survives epic side-nut shot, still loses to hug-heavy Francimar Barroso via boring decision

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Jimmo and Francimar Barroso collided tonight (Sat., May 30, 2015) in a Light Heavyweight showdown at UFC Fight Night 67, which took place inside Goiania Arena in Goiania, Brazil.

Barroso got the action started, sorta, closing the distance and pressing Jimmo up against the cage early to avoid his punching power and an attempt to drag him down to the canvas where he stood the best chance of success. Jimmo, though, wasn't playing that game, standing his ground and battling for position against the cage.

Finally, with one minute remaining in the round, the referee separated them and Jimmo landed a nice head kick on the restart. Barroso attempted one of his own, and missed, before a rather uneventful first round came to a close.

To start the second stanza, Barroso went right back to what didn't work in the first, pressing Jimmo up against the fence and doing next to nothing. The referee, though, didn't wait three minutes to separate the action, putting both fighters back in the center of the cage where Jimmo got drilled directly in the nuts after serving up a right hand.

OUCH ... even with a cup. In fact. Jimmo was actually dry-heaving on the mat as the action was stopped for a minimum of five minutes. And then a bucket was brought inside the Octagon as he continued to get sick. With two minutes left on the official five-minute timeout clock, Jimmo got back to his feet and was ready to touch gloves and go back at it.

Barroso never capitalized; in fact, Jimmo actually appeared to score the best shots of the fight after the stoppage. Barroso did land a nice standing elbow, but all he did after that was just hug Jimmo along the cage.

In the third and final frame, Jimmo came out bopping, likely well aware that he was down at least one round, most likely both. The urgency, though, didn't last, as Barroso barreled his way back in for another love session along the fence. Once again, the referee separated them and the pair wound up back up against the chain link,

Pretty awful fight, with Jimmo surviving the nut crunch being the only true highlight as Barroso went on to win a decision.

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