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UFC Quick Quote: Matt Mitrione lambasts 'hypocrite' Jon Jones, says his actions are a 'black eye' for MMA

Matt Mitrione is not happy with "Bones"

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

"I understand that mixed martial arts is a baby, right, and it's still growing. We strive to do good things like drug testing and stuff like this and then you just get a knucklehead - who's just a remarkable amount of a hypocrite and says so many things - 'I got a bible tattooed on my chest and I'm a great person' and bla bla bla, and then you're hitting people when they're on their way to church and you hit a pregnant woman. You leave your car and you run out  then you run back to grab cash and probably some drugs and run off again and don't even check on the people you hit - it sucks man, it just sucks. It's such a black eye, it's a black eye for the sport. I really do feel like Dana White and the UFC did the right thing - it's a private company and if you acted like a jerk, you're getting served up for it."

You have likely heard a number of hot takes from Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) veterans following Jon Jones being stripped of his title following his alleged involvement in a hit-and-run accident in Albuquerque, New Mexico that could have the former champ serve up to three years in jail, but you probably haven't heard anyone break down the situation quite like Matt Mitrione. The UFC heavyweight pulled no punches speaking with MMA Digest this past week, noting that Jones' actions not only affect him and the victim he injured, but also the niche sport of mixed martial arts (MMA). According to "Meathead," Jones is a hypocrite, and his latest incident is a black eye for the still fledgling sport. UFC welterweight champ Robbie Lawler used the same terminology when he found out "Bones" failed his UFC 182 drug test for cocaine. Ouch.

Transcription courtesy of Bloody Elbow.

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