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UFC lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos, as well as 'Cowboy' title fight, shelved until December

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

There was a time in the not-too-distant past when mixed martial arts (MMA) fans were bellyaching over the championship title reign of Anthony Pettis, because "Showtime" was always injured and hardly ever defended his title.

Not much has changed.

Rafael dos Anjos was able to capture the crown at UFC 185 back in March, but like Pettis before him, won't be able to defend his title in a timely manner due to injury. The Brazilian suffered a torn MCL and has yet to be medically cleared to return to training.

That means we could be without a lightweight title defense until December, according to UFC Tonight.

Now it remains to be seen if Donald Cerrone, widely-recognized as the division No. 1 contender, will in fact wait for a title shot -- and UFC Fight Night 27 rematch -- or stay active in the interim. Perhaps that depends on how much money "Cowboy" blows through while doing his extreme sports this summer.

If you're wondering how the champ's layoff will affect the rest of the division contenders, it probably won't, since none of them can seem to stay healthy, either.

And those who aren't hurt, are reportedly "scared."

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