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Video: Shaq call out of Ronda Rousey backfires courtesy of Charles Barkley sex joke

Retired NBA superstar Shaquille O'Neal, who also happens to be a fan of all things mixed martial arts (MMA), has entered his name into the Ronda Rousey "man vs. woman" lottery, insisting he would last 45 seconds against the reigning UFC women's bantamweight champion (and Olympic bronze medalist in judo) before getting submitted.

Or even worse, knocked out.

"I can last 45 seconds with Ronda Rousey," Shaq said on Inside the NBA. "Set it up!"

But according to fellow ex-cager Charles Barkley, himself a fan of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Shaq wouldn't last 45 seconds in the sack, which was not outright said but clearly implied, hence the belly laughs from the unusually-crowded analyst desk.

"There was a joke there," Barkley fired back. "But I'm gonna let it go!"

"That's not a joke," Shaq replied. "I can last 45 seconds... Oh ... (laughs) ... actually, it probably wouldn't even be that long!"


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